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6 Easy Steps For
Visitor Follow-up

Is your church letting visitors
slip through the cracks?

Assimilation, connecting, onboarding, plugging-in… whatever your church calls it, assimilation is the difference between a thriving, growing church community and a stale and dying congregation.

It’s not enough to just get people in the pews. You want to keep them coming back, keep them engaged, and ultimately keep them moving forward in their discipleship journey. But that doesn’t happen by accident.

With the right tools and a follow-up plan that works, you can proactively get your visitors involved. That’s where Realm® comes in. By placing visitors into a clearly defined pathway, you’re able to purposefully guide them towards next steps to becoming a fully connected member of your church body. So whether it’s a welcome email, a quick follow-up visit, or a meeting with your pastor, you’ll always know exactly where each new visitor is in your assimilation process. It’s automated, but totally customizable, because we know a personal touch goes a long way.

6 easy steps to visitor follow up

Our free guide will show you how Realm can help your church:

  • Make a good first impression so visitors feel welcome
  • Develop a defined pathway for every visitor who walks through your doors
  • Make a personal connection to help people get plugged in
  • Automate responses with personal touches
  • Create an accountable leadership structure to ensure follow up with visitors
  • Establish an easy to manage system to track and report on visitor follow up

God is bringing people to your church. It’s your job to make sure they stick around, engage with your ministry, and become lifelong disciples of Christ. Learn how Realm can help you make it happen.

Download our free guide for assimilation ideas, plus how Realm can help you get your visitors connected.