Best Practices with the
Whole Church in mind

For believers in Christ, the Church
is not a building, it is people.

Whether they’ve been members for 30 years or if this week was their first time attending, each individual (and his or her overall spiritual health) is important.

This means the chief goal of any ministry should be to ensure the church is proactive in assimilating people into a healthy and interconnected group to make disciples. But, sometimes getting people connected, and helping them stay that way, is the most challenging aspect of ministry. So, how can churches get people connected and help them stay that way?

Our free guide will show you how to:

  • Make a good first impression so visitors feel welcome
  • Develop a defined pathway for every visitor who walks through your doors
  • Make a personal connection to help people get plugged in
  • Create a sense of excitement among new members
  • Create an accountable leadership structure to ensure follow up with visitors
  • Establish an easy to manage system to track and report on visitor follow-up

Download our free guide to
learn how.

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