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assimilation the secret to a growing thriving church
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Assimilation: The Secret to a Growing, Thriving Church

People love visiting your church.

They enjoy the music. The teaching challenges and encourages them. Their family feels welcomed. But they don’t get involved.

This is a common story for many churches. Getting people connected to your church community is hard, especially with larger congregations. Do it well and you lead a stronger, thriving church. Or struggle to assimilate and people feel disconnected.

Our latest resource, Assimilation: The Secret to a Growing, Thriving Church, provides the tactical framework for starting (or resetting) an assimilation plan in your church.

In this guide, you discover:

● The problems solved by a great assimilation plan
● Why so many churches struggle with this
● Practical steps you can implement today, especially in larger churches

assimilation the secret to a growing thriving church guide

No more uncertainty. No more confusion. No more complexity. Just a clear, proven roadmap you and your church can implement now.

● Imagine guests who quickly connect with the people of your church.
● Imagine not needing volunteers because people quickly find places to serve.
● Imagine your staff reaching more people because technology empowers them to help connect people.

These are just some of the things that happen when you successfully assimilate people in your church.

This guide shows you how your church can thrive by connecting more people. Download it today and see for yourself.

Download the free guide