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Evangelism and outreach are at the core of any church’s mission. 

Community Intelligence

But we can’t reach people we don’t know. Community Intelligence Consulting from ACS Technologies® helps churches like yours get to know their neighbors better through an understanding of the lifestyles, beliefs, demographics, and trends about their communities. Leveraging the power of MissionInsite, we offer options such as… 

  • Community makeup
  • Generational mapping
  • Community & mission alignment
  • Outreach potential
  • Giving projections based on church and community demographics

But it’s often hard to know where we should start. The last few decades have changed our communities dramatically. Whether your church is in the middle of a big city or serving in a small town, you’ve been impacted by these changes. It’s hard to know—really know—the people God has called us to reach.

Our professional team with decades of experience serving churches will then provide you with data-informed, mission-driven insights about your church and your surrounding community. 

We’ll do this through several options:

  • Social media reports that help you understand the key social media platforms your community uses.
  • Detailed mission opportunity reports to help you better understand your community.
  • Half-day or one-day virtual consultancies to review your community area and provide recommendations.
  • Custom consulting designed to help you identify your optimum fit for evangelism and outreach.

“The ACST Consultants helped us to rethink our outreach plan, now we have clear focus in 2 areas where we know we can provide ministry to people in our community.”

If your church is looking for a way to connect more effectively with your community, our team can help you get to know your community better so you can know how to reach them with the love of Jesus.

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