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Where is God leading your church?

Strategic Planning

That’s a tough question for any church to answer. Many priorities fight for your congregation’s attention. Getting God’s perspective on where you go next isn’t easy—but it’s critical. Through our new strategic planning consultation service, ACS Technologies® will help you discover and implement God’s vision for your church’s future. We offer tools and processes for…

  • Mission, vision, and values facilitation
  • Strategic goal-setting
  • Understanding Yourself

An outside perspective on your church and your plans to serve your community will help your team develop an effective strategy for the next stage of your church’s growth.

This unique, custom onsite and/or virtual service engages you and other church leaders in a process of discovery and discussion that equips you to define a clear vision for the future and develop an achievable plan to get there.

You’ll partner with consultants who have decades of experience walking churches through strategic-planning initiatives, both inside and outside denominations. Because they’ve worked with churches of every size, context, and situation, our consultants can help you respond to roadblocks you can’t yet see. Plus, you’ll use our MissionInsite tools to help you learn about your specific community and its needs in a fresh, new light.

“I am excited to work with ACS Technologies to engage in our parish strategic planning. I first got to know them using MissionInsite and was impressed with the tools they provided and the way they analyzed the demographic data of my parish. That partnership showed me that ACS Technologies has the experience and expertise to coach my leadership team and I through this important process.”

— Fr. Ryan Cubera, pastor of St Mary of the Falls

At the end of this four- to six-month journey, your church can expect:

  • A compelling vision that will inspire others to engage in their own faith journey and your collective work as a church.
  • The ability to communicate a clear congregational direction so you can cultivate a culture of action toward your vision.
  • Tools and insights about your community that help you understand your mission field in a fresh way.
  • A renewed sense of vibrancy for your congregants as they align and invest in the future of your church.

Let us help you take your congregation's first steps into the future God has in store for your church.

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