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Disaster Relief Donations Toolkit

Disaster strikes in an instant. Churches answer the call to reach out to those affected by disasters to offer assistance in a time of great need. This toolkit provides resources to help you communicate the ways your church can accept offerings to aid those affected by recent disasters.

This toolkit includes:

first aid icon

Graphics to bring attention to current needs

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Handouts prmoting text giving for special donations

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Slides showing how to give to disaster relief funds

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Disasters such as hurricanes and floods affect so many each year, and your church answers the call to provide assistance to those in need during those times. We want to make it easier for you, so we’ve created resources you can use to educate your congregation on the ways they can financially support your church’s disaster relief efforts.

Download Handouts

Many read your church bulletin each week. Customize these handouts for your special disaster relief funds and include them in your bulletin or pass them out to those entering your church doors.

disaster relief donation handouts

Download Graphics

We’ve also created graphics you can use on your website and social media to promote special disaster relief offerings used to provide assistance to those in need during recent disasters.

disaster relief donation graphics

Download Slides

Customize these slides and show them during your pre-worship announcements or during your offertory so your members and guests know how to give to disaster relief funds.

disaster relief donation toolkit