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Giving Campaigns

Resources to Get You Started

As you’re diving into the new year with planning, goal-setting, and preparations for a busy year to come, take a look at your giving goals and how you plan to meet them. Increasing your tithes and offerings means increasing your budget and increasing outreach and ministry opportunities.

We’ve heard from other churches who have seen success from planning annual giving campaigns, and want to share some tips and tricks to help you along the way.

This toolkit includes:

A ministry guide with tips on planning your annual giving campaign

Email and text blast templates

Customizable Pew Cards and Handouts

“How-to” handouts to share with your contributors

And more!

Download your free toolkit today!

Giving Campaigns

Resources to Get You Started

The resources below should guide you in planning your annual giving campaign. As you’ll see in our ministry guide, timing and communication are key. Use our templates as starting points for your communications, and customize the handouts, pew cards, and slides to fit your church’s campaign focus. We’ve also included a timeline to help you track where you are in your planning, and an example of a church’s video recorded for their giving campaign to help you brainstorm what’s best for yours. And don’t forget to share the “how-to” handouts with your congregation so they can learn how to give with your giving solution. Now get to planning your giving campaign!

Ministry Guide

We’ve seen other ministries increase their contributions, pledges, and recurring gifts by planning annual giving campaigns, so we’ve put together five tips and tricks to help you along the way to creating your own giving campaign.


What makes planning easier than a timeline? Use this timeline as a guide when planning your annual giving campaign. And remember, this is simply a guide! Add or edit to make your campaign fit your ministry.

Video Example

Videos don’t have to be a huge production! You know as well as we do…there’s no one your members listen to more than your pastor. Below is Impact Church’s pre-recorded video they used during their giving campaign to increase recurring gifts. Use this to start brainstorming and planning your video with your pastor adding his personal touch to reach your contributors in a special way. We suggest having one longer and one shorter video to use in different ways throughout your giving campaign.

*Video owned by Impact Church, Jacksonville, FL.

Email & Text Templates

Email and text communications are important touchpoints of any campaign. They allow you to reach those who may not be walking through your doors and give you an additional reach to those who may have heard your message but haven’t acted on it yet. These templates should provide a place to begin as you plan those communications.


Providing a tangible item to your members and guests as they walk through the doors of your worship service puts your giving campaign front and center. Edit and print these handouts for your ushers or welcome team to pass out during your giving campaign.


Landing Page Description: Utilizing slides during pre-worship or in your church lobby is a great way to continue sharing your message. We know the more people see something, the more it resonates in their minds and hearts. Edit the slides below to match your handouts with the title of your giving campaign, QR code, and church giving URL, and show them throughout your giving campaign.

Pew Cards

Pew cards are one way you can not only include those who give online or via text during the time for tithes and offerings, but you can use those who hold them up to influence others and raise curiosity about online giving. Edit these pew cards to add your church’s giving URL and text giving keyword, then print and drop them in the back of the chairs or pews in your worship space. Be sure your pastor asks all those who give online to hold their cards up during time for tithes and offerings to include them in the in-person act of giving.

How-To Handouts

Don’t assume your contributors know how to make an online gift or even give through text. Print these handouts to have on hand at your lobby booth during your giving campaign to walk them through how to give and set up recurring gifts. These are also great for those who are rushing to grab their children from daycare or out the door to lunch to pick up quickly on their way by the booth.