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Higher Ground transformed our shared telephone system, streamlining operations and delivering unbeatable tech support all while saving us money.

Dr David Wike, Pastor
Ebenezer Baptist
Florence, SC

With just a quick phone call, discover how you can revolutionize your ministry while putting hundreds of dollars back into your budget.

Why Make The Change For Your Ministry?

Is your ministry confined to the walls of your church or parish? Equip your pastors, clergy, and staff with the modern tools they need to extend their reach and impact, all while saving hundreds of dollars on your communication expenses. ACS Technologies offers cutting-edge communication solutions that will revolutionize how you connect and serve your community.

  1. Cost Savings:
  • Wave goodbye to bloated phone bills.
  • Experience significant monthly savings for your ministry’s budget.


  1. Seamless Integration:
  • Connect your office line with mobile devices effortlessly.
  • Enjoy streamlined communication for your entire team.


  1. Mobile Flexibility:
  • Calls automatically route to mobile devices, ensuring you’re always accessible.


  1. Empower Your Ministry:
  • Our system integrates seamlessly with Realm, providing real-time information on callers.
  • Strengthen relationships and streamline operations with powerful features.

Empower your ministry with ACS Technologies and unleash its full potential beyond the church walls. Your journey to enhanced communication, cost savings, and strengthened relationships starts here. FILL THE FORM BELOW and we will be in touch soon, or call us at 1-800-736-7425.

Ready to Transform Your Ministry & SAVE HUGE?

Complete the form HERE to learn more about our state-of-the-art phone systems and discover how ACS Technologies can help you save money and strengthen your ministry’s impact. Don’t let outdated communication tools limit your ministry—take the first step towards a brighter future today.

Reduce your workload with integrated accounting

Managing separate systems for your membership and accounting data can be a hassle. You spend unnecessary time on imports, exports, and syncs every week, not to mention the risk of data being inconsistent between your solutions. 

Count on an integrated accounting solution from ACS Technologies to automate your accounting processes and provide real-time reporting on your church’s financial health. 

Complete the form above if you’d like to be contacted about:

  • Less time spent importing, exporting, and syncing data between separate systems
  • Reports and dashboards updated in real time for quick and accurate financial reporting
  • Only one login needed to manage your people, events, financial data, and more

Increase generosity with a modern eGiving solution

eGiving includes online, mobile, and text giving, and now accounts for nearly half of all giving, increasing by 60% since 2019.*

Knowing eGiving is still on the rise, are you providing your contributors with the tools they need to be faithful stewards of their financial gifts to your church? With online, mobile app, and text giving, they can give from anywhere at any time.

Think about your weekly tasks around contributions — are you spending more time with manual entry and less time on other ministry needs? Simplify your administrative tasks and take advantage of the import already available in your church management software by implementing an eGiving solution from ACS Technologies. 

Complete the form above if you’d like to be contacted about:

  • Offering online, mobile app, and text giving for your contributors
  • Creating custom giving forms to promote your mission and vision
  • Providing contributors ways to be faithful in their giving with recurring gift options
  • Gaining time back in your week by simplifying how you manage contributions

2023 Giving Trends
to Implement Now

Our giving partner, Vanco, recently released their 2023 Churchgoer Giving Study and joined us to share what they’ve learned from churchgoers across the country, including the latest insights and data on online giving behaviors and preferences to empower you to make informed decisions about your online giving tools.

Are you ready to take your ministry’s giving strategy to the next level? You can expect to:

  • Understand how churchgoers currently perceive online giving and their evolving expectations.
  • Gain deep insights into the ways in which members want to contribute and how to leverage their preferences for maximum impact.
  • Learn how selecting the right online giving partner can bring a multitude of advantages to your church and streamline the donation process.
  • Discover how we help churches overcome the fear of switching and provides a seamless transition experience.

Plus, a special promotion just for you!

Sign up for Realm eGiving by July 31, 2023 and receive free processing for August and September 2023*

“Among my top picks of the benefits of eGiving is the automation of giving that reduces the workload and frees me up to learn new tools and useful skills for the job."

Financial Administrator

Up to $50,000 in transactions combined for August and September 2023
Credits will be for the full amount of your bill, inclusive of monthly fees, transaction fees, discount fees, etc. Credits will not be issued for returns, refunds, or credits. Credits will be applied a month in arrears (i.e. credits for August will be applied to your September statement).
Excludes existing Vanco clients; US accounts only

COVID-19’s Impact on


How does your church-giving experience since March 2020 compare with other churches within your Faith? And across denominations?

ACS Technologies, Villanova University’s Center for Church Management, and Wheaton College have partnered to examine the lasting effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on church giving across multiple denominations, including Catholic, Methodist, SBC, Episcopalian, Lutheran, and many more. 

These studies are based on data from thousands of churches and are designed to help leaders in the church who are wondering how they will move forward, increase the number of donors and strengthen their overall financial health





Other Denominations are Available

How has giving in your denomination fared since March 2020? 

  • Is attendance by denomination down across all U.S. regions?

  • How has attendance impacted giving? Or has it?

  • How has church size impacted giving? 

  • Where has giving increased? And is it really up?

  • What’s behind all these numbers and more.

Download the Study of COVID-19 Impact on Church and Parish Giving Today


Presbyterian - PCUSA

Assemblies of God


Generosity and its overall decline, its need for communication, and its important stewardship role are one of the acute issues facing the church today.

To help your church in this area, here are some key resources:

For over 45 years, ACS Technologies has been helping churches overcome the obstacles they face as they strive to Build the Kingdom, from staff administration to broader community engagement. Today we’re helping with the urgent issue of cultural intelligence. People have left the church, there is a decline in generosity, and generational attitudes toward the church differ immensely. 

Through understanding the data and in-depth research, our expertise reveals and empowers churches of all sizes to validate their efforts today and secure their place for tomorrow.

There are lots of people in your
community who need you.

We can help you find them.

They’re called the unchurched… the de-churched… the disengaged.  They live right there in your neighborhood.  But they don’t come to church.  How do you reach them?

They’re not irreverent.
They just think church is irrelevant.

Often people don’t disagree with the life-giving message of Christianity.  They just believe their local church is not pertinent to their lives.  ACST can help you become culturally in tune again.  

We can help you learn:


Where the new people in your community live.


Key attitudes, objections, and motivations in your neighborhood.


Why people left.  But more importantly, how to bring them back.


How to reach the younger generations.


What needs your neighbors have, and how you can serve them better.


How to match them with the ministry they want.


New ways to invite them.


How to Improve communications.


Next steps and follow-up. For optimum assimilation!

Let's Talk

We can help you find
more people to serve.

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Watch the full Realm Go/Growth webinar recording

Increase your Ministry’s Impact

What is Go Method Trip Management?

Gathers Information

Applications, Background Checks, References in one place

Gathers Finances

Social fundraising is the way this generation gathers funds to accomplish their goals.

Collects Assets

Upload Drivers License, Passports, Sign Documents, Medical Releases, Parent Consent Forms, etc.

What Can Go Method Host?

International Events, Domestic Events, Retreats, Camps, Local Outreach, & Child-based events (VBS)

Automated Requirements

Due Date Based

Every requirement has a due date that reminds your participants when to complete.

Sign up for a FREE trial today!

Go Method Overview

Need answers now? Call us! 1-800-736-7425

Time Savings = 100hrs per event

(avg. 6 month process)

10 Hours Saved


Run background check for all participants. (Potentially pass costs to participants)

10 Hours Saved

Background Checks

Run background check for all participants. (Potentially pass costs to participants)

10 Hours Saved


Automated multiple references you never need to track down.

30 Hours Saved


Every Passport Image, Signed Documents, Notarized Document, and asset digitally received and stored in one place.

20 Hours Saved


All digital funds automatically added to FM and your ChMS.

20 Hours Saved


Every financial and requirement email will be automatically sent to your participants without lifting a finger.

10hrs Saved!

All digital applications and profile approvals. Plus proprietary Parent/Guardian process.

10hrs Saved!

Run background check for all participants. (Potentially pass costs to participants)

10hrs Saved!

Automated multiple references you never need to track down.

30hrs Saved!

Every Passport Image, Signed Documents, Notarized Document, and asset digitally received and stored in one place.

20hrs Saved!

All digital funds automatically added to FM and your ChMS.

20hrs Saved!

Every financial and requirement email will be automatically sent to your participants without lifting a finger.

Trusted by

For Church Leaders,
By Church Leaders

We understand the challenges that large churches face. Because we’ve been there! They’ve been our challenges, too. We provide tools and processes and workflows churches need to help people engage in ministry and grow as disciples.

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Your Time Should Be Spent On Making An Impact, Not:

fundraising logo

Incomplete Fundraising

Participants dropping out at the last minute due lack of funding

document icon

Document Tracking

Losing track of participants across multiple systems, spreadsheets, and folders

people icon

Leadership Questions

Struggling to provide clear data or insights to Ministry Leaders

participant confusion icon

Participant Confusion

Participants struggling to meet deadlines and submit required paperwork and signatures

chms data rules

Customize Processes to Fit Your Ministry.

hand shake icon

Manage Permissions, Brand, and Compliance.

world icon

Fully Customizable Trip Applications

payment integration icon

Advanced ChMS and Payment Integrations


Automate your Administrative Workflows.

gear icon

Define Your Trip Questions, Tasks, & Requirements

background check icon

Advanced Background Check Integrations

digital signature icon

Easily Accept Digital Signatures

man working from home
mission trip dashboard

Equip Your Team and Manage Participants.

checklist icon

Create Trip Checklists, Meetings, and Discussions

fundraising icon

Provide Social Fundraising and Financial Tracking for Participants

save money icon

Save Big on Group Travel and Travel Insurance


Impact The World.

mission trip listing page icon

Publish a Public Facing Trip Listing Page

mission trip reporting icon

Advanced Trip Reporting with Downloadable Packets

create sub account icon

Create Sub Accounts and More

go method report

“Our goal was to grow our missions program, and the only way we could do that properly was finding a software that was capable of meeting and automating our process. Go Method allowed us to standardize our process and grow our ministry. We could not do what we are doing without Go Method.”

- Bayside Church

“I LOVE Go Method! They have cutdown the workload for our Financial department and Our Mission departments.It has made planing trips way more efficient and simpler. I also love that Go Method works hard to become better every year and creates new features that make everything more efficient for us.”

- All Peoples Church

Frequently Asked Questions

An active trip is any trip that is accepting registrations or traveling.

Active trips start at only $20 per month.

There is no limit to the number of individuals that you can have on the trip. Pricing per trip increases in increments of $10 for every 10 additional people that is added to the trip. You can add as many people to your trips as you like and even collect electronic signatures from all of them.

Of course! We have a variety of requirements that you can add to your trips including: eSignatures, notarized documents, parent signature documents, file uploads, additional question and many more!

Churches of all sizes use our software. Some run one trip per year, others run hundreds!

Yes, after filling out the Sign Up form, you will be emailed instructions on how to start set up your Go Method account. There is no credit card needed to determine if Go Method is right for your organization.

Start Your Free Trial Today!

ACSTechnologies Church Management Software Solutions


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Florida UMC

ACS Technologies’ mission is to enable the Church with personalized ministry solutions to make God-honoring decisions in actionable ways. Our goal is to build the Kingdom by being a trusted ministry partner in the daily life of every Church.  

ACS Technologies offers solutions and services for all areas of your ministry including people management, communications, finances, operations, missions management, IT services, and more! We’re committed to continuous innovation and improvement to ensure our solutions and services continue to provide value as needs and opportunities evolve and grow. We serve with intention and put our ministry partners first, providing expertise and guidance every step of the way and offering unparalleled support to all of our ministry partners.

ministryplatform logo

Support your ministries and operations with church management functions, customization capabilities, communication and engagement tools, powerful reporting, and APIs and integrations. MinistryPlatform provides churches with a solution that can meet their individual, unique needs.

Realm logo

Unify your pastors, staff, volunteers, and congregants with a single system for church management, communications, events, discipleship, giving, and finances. Realm is a cloud-based, out-of-the-box solution that includes an integrated website, as well as integrated giving, accounting, background checks, email, and texting.

missioninsite logo

Allow your church to learn about, visualize, and cultivate current and prospective members with this web-based analytics tool. MissionInsite is powered by multiple sources such as Experian and ACS Technologies’ proprietary American Beliefs Study, providing demographic and socioeconomic information about your congregation and community to help you build and shape your ministries. 

go method logo

Automate your missions, camps, and retreats with an integrated, due-date based event management solution. Go Method will take your events to the next level with management tools including personal fundraising, applications and registrations, document tracking, reporting, and more.

growth method logo

Manage and automate essential ministry processes, communications, and assimilation tracks to help you pastor people better. With Growth Method, you can capture key information about visitors and congregants, provide personalized and automated communications, manage daily tasks, and analyze ministry engagement.

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Managed IT services include consulting, security, and management services for all of your technology needs. Services include assessments, hardware and software recommendations, and management of your IT stack. Our complete suite of options gives you peace of mind knowing that your IT devices, users, and data are secure and operating efficiently.

As your ministry partner, we will be with you every step of the way. Onboarding assistance, training, and live support are available for all of our solutions. 

For more information, visit