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Creating a Culture
Of Generosity

Creating a culture is no easy task.

A culture is a way of doing things that infiltrates every area of the organization or people.

Basically, it’s who you are.

In fact, to do it arbitrarily is impossible. It’s more influenced, grown, and matured than created. But you have to start somewhere right?

We’ve created a free guide to help your church see the great benefits and unmatched growth in giving and serving that results when people fully adopt generous hearts.

Getting people to give is nice. Developing generous hearts is better.

Your church can experience generosity as away of life, 24/7.

The key to ongoing, increasing, and unfettered contributions to your ministry is found not in the next gimmick, campaign, or “drive”. It’s found in cultivating a healthy culture by developing healthy people who have generosity firmly rooted in their hearts and minds.

This guide will show you how.

5 keys to create a culture of generosity

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