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5 Strategic Moves
For Churches

There’s no doubt that there will be challenges
returning to “normal” after COVID-19.

To many, this feels very discouraging. You feel frustrated because, maybe, before the pandemic, you and your church were doing well. Thriving actually. But now you feel dismantled and isolated. Don’t let that trouble you. Thriving in the post-COVID-19 future is possible and practical.

This free resource walks you through 5 strategic moves that you and your church should be doing to ensure that your church can thrive during the new “normal.” Change isn’t scary if you are well prepared.

5 moves churches should plan now

You’ll learn how to prepare for these things:

  • Social distancing
  • Clergy workloads and goals
  • Economic recession
  • Widespread unemployment
  • “Personal religion”

We know that taking the next steps into the unknown is unsettling, but don’t let that stop your church from doing everything it can to prepare for the future beyond COVID-19!

Download our free guide to
learn how.