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how your church can best serve your community during an economic downturn

Learn to Help Your Neighbors Better During an Economic Downturn

Terms like recession, bear market, and inflation matter to your ministry—and your community. Those economic conditions mean pain for the people your church serves. Families whose finances were solid a year ago are struggling today. Those who were struggling are now buried in a financial catastrophe.

But your church can help. A downturn in the economy means new ministry opportunities for your congregation. No one-size-fits-all approach will work, though.

Advanced research tools can help you identify the right opportunities. With these tools, you’ll learn more about your community so you know specific ways you can help during economic downturns. Our new FREE guide helps you use this technology to better serve your community.

In How Your Church Can Best Serve Your Community During an Economic Downturn, you’ll discover:

  • A clear understanding of what terms like inflation, bear market, and recession mean and why they matter for your church.
  • Easy strategies your church can put in place quickly to help struggling neighbors.
  •  Step-by-step instructions about how to use MissionInsite to find and serve those in your community most harmed by economic downturns.

Economic downturns leave no neighborhood unscathed. This free guide helps any church leverage innovative research tools to serve their communities.

how your church can best serve your community during an economic downturn

Download the guide today to get started.