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Growing Past 200:
It's not what You Think

It is VERY unlikely that this is the first time you’ve
heard of the 200 attendance barrier.

In ministry schools and conferences they teach you this right after you learn you need to prepare a sermon for Sunday. We all know that 90% of churches won’t get past 200-300 in attendance. We know that large churches do things differently than small churches. We understand that this phenomena exists. But still, we struggle with growth.

If you want your church to grow past 200, you have to understand some concepts they might not have told you before.

growing past the 200 attendance roadblock

In this guide, you’ll encounter a fresh take on ideas like:

  • Mapping out a mindset for growth
  • Casting vision a different way
  • Dealing with small-minded people
  • And, much more!

Download this 12-page guide and put things in motion to start growing past 200 today!