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How to Connect Personally When You Can't know Everyone

How to Connect Personally When You Can’t know Everyone

The more people know you, the easier it is to lead. 

People follow who they know. As a ministry leader, they look to you for vision, spiritual direction, and biblical teaching. But a large church creates more demands on your time and more people to meet. Many leaders face this tension. There are usually a few responses: isolation or burnout. 

Thankfully, after working with tens of thousands of churches, we’ve seen other paths. 

Our latest resource, How to Connect Personally When You Can’t Know Everyone, shows a path you and your team can follow.

How to Connect Personally When You Can't know Everyone church guide

In this guide, you discover:

  • The challenges most leaders face in larger churches
  • What happens when you don’t build connections
  • Practical ways to connect with those in your congregation and community


Learn simple, repeatable ways you can build more connections with more people. 

  • Imagine getting more consensus on the vision and mission of your church. 
  • Imagine knowing the challenges people in your church and community face.
  • Imagine having advocates in your corner when tough decisions need to be made. 


These are just some of the things that happen when you build personal connections when you can’t know everyone. 

This guide shows how you can thrive by connecting more people. Download it today and see for yourself.

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