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Learn to Lead
In Uncertain Times

Difficulty is nothing new in ministry.

The First Century church was born out of and into chaos. And yet, 2020 has presented challenges that previous generations have not experienced in this way or in this context.

It’s difficult to set – and stick to – a timeline because things are always changing. Planning is elusive, kids ministry is a conundrum, organizing volunteer teams is dubious, and knowing what’s next keeps slipping through our grasps.

And yet, people need God now more than ever! So let’s roll up our sleeves and be the Church that rushes in to ministry instead of waiting on the sidelines.

leading ministry through uncertainty

This Free PDF resource will show you how to:

  • Communicate about communication – so people know what’s coming
  • Calm the fears – so people can move beyond them
  • Know your neighbors – so you can reach them better
  • Build different teams – so you can get people in fulfilling roles
  • Reinvent the wheel – so you can adapt to new ministry norms
  • Keep the peace – so you can be unified in divisive times
  • Finish well – so you can move into the next season with strength

It’s time to add some certainty to your ministry.

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