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Mobile First

Go and Grow Real Ministry
By Putting Mobile First

It’s time to go mobile with your ministry.

If you haven’t really thought about how to build community, grow groups, optimize giving, and interact with your people through their smartphones, now is the time to reach and connect with people right where they are, in real time.

People are using their phones to look up information, make plans, pay bills, and communicate more than ever. If your church doesn’t have a mobile strategy, you’re really missing out on huge ministry opportunities.

We’ve created a free guide to help your church experience the possibilities presented by becoming a mobile-ready church. And how you can easily unleash the power of connection. Realm, a fresh new ministry solution that combines church administration, accounting, and community all in one easy-to-use tool, is totally mobile! It goes where your staff goes and where your congregation goes, so you can do ministry anytime and anywhere.

mobile first going mobile with ministry

In this guide, you’ll discover:

  • Why going mobile with ministry matters to your people
  • Statistics and insights about how people are using smartphones
  • How to do more ministry through mobile devices
  • An easy way to set up and use a mobile app for your church
  • A solution to connect, communicate, and coordinate your entire church

Getting a mobile app and doing more ministry by reaching people wherever they are is easier than you think. Let us show you how. With the help of Realm’s Connect App – you can have your church community in the palm of your hand.

Download this free guide to
learn how Realm can take your
ministry mobile.