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Make Space For
Multicultural Ministry

Although we are in the 21st century, the term
‘multicultural ministry’ tends to be an elusive trait

Most churches remain somewhat segregated to this day. Only 14 percent are considered racially diverse, according to The Faith Communities Today survey, which defines a church as multicultural if at least 20 percent of worshipers are of a different race from the majority of the congregation.

We know that race and culture may divide communities here on earth, but there is no place for it when we enter the unity of the heavenly realm.

If our prayer is to be “Let your Kingdom come on earth as is it in heaven” then our efforts should be to experience multicultural ministry together, here and now.

While most churches and church leaders don’t intentionally avoid diversity, many aren’t intentionally creating space for multicultural ministry.

We’ve created a free guide that reveals five essential pillars upon which your church can create a flourishing multicultural ministry. Download your copy today!

pillars of multicultural ministry

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