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The Small Church Guide to Creating a Digital Ministry Strategy


Think about the last time you went to purchase something, go to a new restaurant, find a new service, or learn how to do something. What is the one common thread?

You searched online.

Your appearance and engagement in the digital space is critically important to your ministry’s future. The term “online” can include many things—a church’s or company’s website, social media, email campaigns, text campaigns, video communication—and much more.

Yet many churches—especially in the small church space—either overlook this vital part of ministry or relegate it to the back burner. Outdated websites, inconsistent social media, and low engagement actually repel the very people you hope to reach.

That’s why we created The Small Church Guide to Doing Digital Ministry Well.

In this interactive guide, you’ll discover:

  • Why digital ministry is critical to your church’s growth… and how to get serious about your strategy.
  • Why the message you are sharing now may not be reaching the right people… and how to discover the right words to use.
  • Why your digital presence is your new “front lobby” … and can either draw people in or push them away.
  • Why a plan to engage and interact with people can make them immediately feel welcome… and spark a curiosity to learn more about you.
  • The one thing all digital ministry needs to be effective… and how to make it second nature in all you do.


Digital ministry is more than just live streaming.

It’s more than an occasional social media post.

It’s more than a neglected website.

It should be an important strategic part of your church’s plan for reaching your community, now and in the future.

Grab a copy of The Small Church Guide to Doing Digital Ministry Well today and you’ll discover that digital ministry is ministry enhanced. And church beyond the building might become your new favorite way to “do” church.

The Small Church Guide to Creating a Digital Ministry Strategy

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