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Turn Attendees into Disciples

Making disciples is every church’s top goal.

But trying to make disciples and develop followers of Christ without a plan and system in place is like taking a road trip without a roadmap.

Don’t get lost! Your church needs a clear plan and a defined path that moves people along, step by step, to becoming lifelong disciples. Casting vision and setting goals are important. But mobilizing people with tangible next steps so they are prepared to go – and keep going – in the right direction is where the rubber meets the road.

You need step-by-step processes and a discipleship plan to keep people moving forward. That’s where Realm comes in. By placing attendees in a clearly defined (and customizable) pathway, Realm gives you the ability to purposefully guide them towards next steps to becoming a disciple of Christ. You always know exactly where people are in their journey, making it easy for you to keep them moving forward and maturing in their faith.

turning attendees into disciples

Our free guide will show you how, with Realm’s help, you can:

  • Create discipleship pathways with custom next-steps for people to take
  • Develop the four essential “C’s” of discipleship that every plan needs
  • Set up a software support system to ensure success
  • Establish a personalized plan that shows people where they are in the process
  • Make disciples by tracking their progress as they learn to follow Christ!

You’re called to “Go and make disciples.” Learn how Realm can help you make it happen, one step at a time.

Download our free guide for discipleship ideas and advice, plus how Realm can help you engage, track, and measure each step.