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Church Guests

You’ve heard the old saying, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” But did you know that your guests’ first impression comes way before they step foot in your church and continues long after they are back at home?

It’s true. That’s why it’s critical that you optimize the whole welcome experience, not just the 75 minutes your guests are in the building.

Our new FREE guide will help you do just that. Welcoming Church Guests: A Step-By-Step Approach takes your church from the moment a guest starts searching for you online through the time he or she becomes a committed part of your church family. The guide walks you through each step so you can give the warmest welcome possible for those visiting your church.

In this guide, you’ll learn to:

  • Put your first forward when guests first discover your church online.
  • Create a warm experience when guests arrive at your church.
  • Encourage guests to embrace next steps that help them grow closer to Jesus and more involved in your church.

You’ll also get a checklist you can use to help you ensure your guest experience puts your best foot forward.

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