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Children's & Youth Ministry

Foster the growth of your next generation

Background Checks

Screen staff and volunteers working with children and youth using the background check request tool in MinistryPlatform. You can create requests and track the status from submission to approval.

ministryplatform church background check tool
church check in tool


MinistryPlatform includes an entire suite of check-in tools. Customize the childrens check-in process by creating a specific theme including colors and graphics or create labels that designate allergies or a family note. Check-in includes security options such as the ability to designate who is not approved to pick up a child as well as check out.

Parent Communications

MinistryPlatform’s communication tool that enables emails and texts has the option to copy parents on all communications to their children. Additionally,  you can create a segment for parents to send them communications directly or share information specific to children’s and youth ministry in PocketPlatform as well as send parent notifications.


Manage every aspect of children’s and youth events in MinistryPlatform from  communications to registration to volunteer management to check-in.