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Protect your data and your people


Your data is important, and keeping it secure is a top priority. Make sure the right people have access to the right information. Assign specific user rights to roles to control access to data in MinistryPlatform with the ability to choose rights down to the field level.

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Filtered PAges

Control access to specific data on a page by creating a filtered page, which essentially limits users to see only the fields they require on that page. This limits user access to sensitive information and gives users only what they need from your data.

Secure Login

Keeping your sensitive data secure is a top priority, which is why you have not one, but two ways to increase security when logging into MinistryPlatform. Authenticate via Code removes the need to remember yet another password by providing a code via text or email. Enabling multi-factor authentication adds yet another layer of security by sending the user a second code when it’s multi-factor time.

The biggest threat to your church or office is not something you likely think about often. You’re consumed with managing operations, enabling ministries, strategizing for the future, and helping people. However, data threats continue increasing, so it’s important you bring security to the forefront and safeguard all avenues into your church or office. 

Higher Ground is your partner in protection and can conduct a complete assessment of your environment, from your email service to user passwords to the devices used, to shield you from external threats.