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Centralize parishes, people and operations

One Platform

MinistryPlatform allows you to consolidate multiple systems and applications into one platform, such as small groups management, event registration, census database, mobile apps, and more. Manage content for your mobile app, website, and communications all directly from the Platform.

Self-Service Access

From parishioners to leaders, give each person within your ministry the personalized capabilities they need. Parishioners can update their own records for your parishioner census to relieve your staff of entering paper forms and reduce the risk of manual error. Configure the Platform so your leaders over multiple parishes can view information for their groups of parishes.

Parishioner Records

Be sure no one falls through the cracks by managing their personal records. MinistryPlatform gives you the full picture of your parishioners, with their records holding more information about who they are and their families, what’s important to them, their gifts and interest, if they need pastoral care, sacraments received, and so much more.

Centralized Communications

Whether you’re sharing with all or a few, the Platform has you covered. Share content to all parishioners from the parish and/or diocese, such as prayer, newsletters, reflections, and more. Segment your parishioners and communicate with them via their preferred method of communication to reach only specific groups or individuals. For example, birthday wishes can be easily set up in batches and still personalized and preset to be released on the appropriate dates. Plus, send out diocesan-wide content to all your parishes through the Platform.


Provide your parishioners with a mobile app designed to share personalized content from the parish and/or diocese. Push our customized content specifically for your parishioners, such as check-in reminders for registered events or notifications for ministries they are involved in. You can even add daily readings from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) to your PocketPlatform app. And as a diocesan solution, share out diocesan-wide communications to all parishioners within your parishes.

Insightful Data

Don’t guess about trends, actually see them in real time! Provide insight to trends in the parish to help pastors and staff make more informed decisions and plans. Real-time dashboards can be customized to show each staff member the information specific to their roles.

Unified Diocesan Database

When MinistryPlatform is used as a diocesan solution, it can enable strategic ministry within your parishes. View parish data, such as Sacraments and Financials, in real-time to know where they stand, anticipate any issues, and provide proactive help and assistance as needed. Track pledges, goals, and progress made toward annual appeal campaigns across your parishes. Enable flexible structures for families, clusters, and collaboratives, and simplify the transition from one structure to another. Dive deeper into parishioners within each parish and their interactions within your diocese, such as if they are attending events and education at one parish but Mass at another parish.


Need to provide your parish with access to Widgets, but don’t have the technical staff or ability to do so? Microsites are URLs provided to you for each parish in your Platform instance. Simply copy the link for each parish Microsite, add it to the parish website, and parishioners can log in to see their profiles, households, contribution statements, giving, and more. No dev work, no customizations, and no support needed.

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