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Missions & Outreach

Know and help your neighbor


Gain an understanding of the demographic and socioeconomics of your community using MissionInsite to determine how best to help and serve your neighbors.

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church planting

Church Planting

In MissionInsite you can view population data and forecasting to identify potential locations for a new plant or campus and choose the right leaders by evaluating demographic and religious preferences data about people in the community.

Missions Management

Go Method integrates with MinistryPlatform and includes everything you need for mission management including personal fundraising, applications and registrations, document tracking, reporting, and more.

church mission management
church views and notification report

Views & Notifications

A view allows you to slice and dice your data in MinistryPlatform and see real-time results. Set up notifications, which can send an email to a user or a group of users, to share the data with others in your church.


Easily process donations with deep integrations between your giving solution and MinistryPlatform and get contribution data into your system more quickly with the batch manager.

ministryplatform batch manager