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Calendar & Events

Create Fellowship


We’ve got you covered from everything that happens on weekends (Sunday School, worship services, new visitor classes) to conferences, retreats, breakfasts, VBS, marriage seminars, camps, and so on. Share events on your calendar and through the PocketPlatform app. Search for events by month, year, ministry area, and more, then view event details and sign up for registration events.

Facilities, Rooms, and Resources

Events are more than a date and time; you need a room to hold the event in and resources to host the event. Manage capacities, layouts, and equipment in each room and reserve rooms and equipment. Go even deeper by leveraging our integrations to manage heating and cooling.


Allow members and guests to register for free or paid events, and capture additional information with custom questions. If a member logs in, they can pre-fill the event registration form for anyone within their household. As people register for events, their information is logged in the Platform.

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