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Manage Attendees


Personalize the kiosk experience with themes for events and customized labels. Improve the check-in experience for attendees with multiple search options, the ability to check-in guests, and the option to add a family note.

church kiosks tool
church capacity management tool

Capacity Management

View capacity of each room and manage capacity by automatically closing rooms based on number of attendees. You can also enable Balance Priority to fill multiple rooms evenly or one by one according to your preferences.

Classroom Manager

Provide your teachers with a head’s up display of kids who are present. Using the Classroom Manager, teachers can view children who are checked-in, mark attendance during their event, manage children records, and send notifications to parents as needed. As safety is a priority, they can also identify persons who are not approved to pick up a child and check out a child to the appropriate parent or guardian.

church classroom management tool


Run reports on attendance for events, classes, or worship, such as the Selected Event Summary or Group Attendance reports. View attendance details for specific participation statuses, such as attended and confirmed, and for group role types, such as leader, participant, or servant.