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Keep track of important information


Capture and track everything your church needs to know about each member including personal and family information, engagement level, communication information, and spiritual milestones.

church member profile
church data charts

Charts & Dashboards

View up to date information about your church and congregation with out-of-the-box dashboards for engagement, giving, and so much more. In MinistryPlatform, you can also create your own charts to track whatever information is relevant to your ministry.


MinistryPlatform includes over 200 out-of-the box reports to view detailed information about your church, people, and ministries. All reports are built on MicroSoft SQL Server so they’re all customizable, and all reports can be exported to multiple formats.

church contact demographic report
church views and notification report

Views & Notifications

A view allows you to slice and dice your data in MinistryPlatform and see real-time results. Set up notifications, which can send an email to a user or a group of users, to share the data with others in your church.


Easily process donations with deep integrations between your giving solution and MinistryPlatform and get contribution data into your system more quickly with the batch manager.

ministryplatform batch manager