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National Study of US Catholics Press Kit

A leader in church management software, market expertise, and data analysis for the last 45 years, ACS Technologies conducted the National Study of US Catholics: Knowing Who to Invite and Engage. This comprehensive study identifies the lifestyle and behavioral attributes of those who identify as active Catholics and provides a multi-dimensional view of those representative households.

“The National Study of US Catholics assisted the communications department in developing a strategic plan for reaching those who are already in the pews, those who have left the pews, and those who have never been in the pews.” – Adam Minihan, director of communications for the Diocese of Tulsa and Eastern Oklahoma

Key findings:

  • Among active Catholics, three Experian Mosaic groups are most likely to be regular Mass-attenders: Expanding Horizons, Fast Track Couples, and Aging in Place.
  • Among active Catholics three Mosaic groups are least likely to be engaged in the faith: Sport Utility Families, Picture Perfect Families, and Red, White, and Bluegrass.
  • The study identifies the best way to reach each group, e.g. social media, text, phone calls, traditional media (newspaper, television).
  • Using data from ACST American Beliefs, National Study of US Catholics also revealed what Catholics are looking for in a parish as well as their primary concerns in life.

Meet the Spokesperson

Terry Poplava

As director of strategic expertise at ACS Technologies, Terry Poplava leads the company’s expansion of consulting services through forging relationships with organizations who are leaders in serving across Christian denominations, along with developing consultancies based on ACS Technologies’ expertise. He is dedicated to stewardship and to supporting church leaders by developing people and creating trusted resources.

Terry coaches churches in the following: strategic planning and development for effective evangelization and discipleship cultivation; strengthening church leadership, member and community engagement, and financial health; and identifying generational insights for leaders to apply to their congregations, or re-engage those who have left.

Sample Interview Questions

  1. What are three important takeaways from for Catholic church leaders from the National Study of US Catholics?
  2. All the subjects in the report were active Catholics, but three groups were identified as statistically least likely to be engaged in the faith. What can parishes do to reach them?
  3. What were some surprises in this study – and what did it confirm?
  4. What is the top reason Catholic dioceses and parishes should review the National Study of US Catholics?

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