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Let us do the heavy lifting.

Expand your team with capital campaign experts.

Capital campaigns are a daunting task, even under the best circumstances. If you’ve been considering — or putting off — a capital campaign to raise funds to grow your church or expand your ministry, we have the solution.

ACS Technologies® teamed up with Non-Profit DNA to offer an extensive and comprehensive consulting service to help make your upcoming capital campaign a success. Through this partnership, you’ll have access to highly skilled, knowledgeable fundraising experts who will help with your campaign — every step of the way.

Think of it as expanding your team. You may not have the resources on staff to plan and execute your campaign effectively, but we do. You’ll get a dedicated team of fundraising experts to work alongside you and your team. Here are just a few of the benefits of choosing to engage with us:

  • A comprehensive assessment of every aspect of the ministry that will affect the capital campaign, including a feasibility study, a campaign strategy and training.
  • A team of experienced fundraising and development consultants at your side to guide the campaign process and help convey a compelling message.
  • Consulting services to craft the message and develop the case to support the plan through generous giving.
  • Resources to communicate the vision for the ministry and to create a comprehensive plan for the phases, components and execution of the capital campaign.

If you’re looking to raise $1 million or more above current giving levels over a two-to-three-year period to fund special projects like constructing a new building, establishing a new ministry, launching a new site, paying off old debt or anything else, our team can help.

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