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Inspire with Amen Generosity

Increase regular giving and
keep building incrementally over time.

It takes money to lead a church, care for the spiritual wellbeing of its members and fund the various ministries within it. Lots of money. But regular giving levels are on the decline. There are just too many demands on your members’ finances. It’s time to inspire giving that expands and grows your ministry.

ACS Technologies® is collaborating with Greater Mission, LLC to offer Amen Generosity, an innovative consulting service designed to help you increase regular giving levels. With Amen Generosity, you get the fundraising expertise, data insights and proven campaign methods you need to inspire regular, faithful giving and build ministry life.

Unlike other consulting services, Amen Generosity is uniquely designed to reintroduce giving and change the conversation from that of financial obligation to faith, spirituality and financial discipleship. That inspires a deeper, more meaningful purpose to giving. When your members feel more connected to your mission, they become more engaged and committed to serving it.

“The Church has great powers of regeneration. It is not a static body with a fixed amount of resources and a limited number of adherents. It responds to each situation with the power and generative quality of the Holy Spirit. This regeneration happens when the members of the Church take stock of their times, renew their commitment to the whole of the Gospel, and place themselves at the service of Christ.”

—From Christendom to Apostolic Mission

Amen Generosity gives you a dedicated team of development experts who will work one-on-one with you to deep-dive into your giving data and develop a tailored program that works to achieve your goals — and keep building giving levels incrementally over time.

Here are just a few things you can expect with Amen Generosity:

    • Compelling, mission-inspired messaging
    • In-person training
    • Coaching via your dedicated team of development experts
    • Videos
    • Sample materials
    • Robust reporting and analysis
    • Ongoing implementation support
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The annual Amen Generosity model will help you make giving an integral part of your ministry culture, changing both hearts and habits.

Amen Generosity will advance your parish in its call to mission and to stewardship. Tom Sonni and his team take a hands-on approach that ensures parishioners feel connected to the strategic priorities of the parish with their offertory giving. At the same time, Amen Generosity inspires parishioners to reflect in gratitude on the many gifts they have been given and to pay forward those gifts – timeless themes of Christian stewardship. It is an innovative and effective approach that will bear many fruits for the pastors who bring Amen Generosity to their parishes.

— Dave Cook, ICSC Board Member

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