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Re-Energize Volunteer Momentum


Volunteer Momentum

Many churches are having difficulty getting their volunteers back in the game? And unfortunately, if your church is like most, it depends on volunteers to carry out the life and operations of your ministry. Your church’s health and impact directly correlate to the people who serve on your teams’ quality and competency, which is why so many church leaders remain frustrated at their lack of volunteers or the lack of enthusiasm for serving and being part of their church teams. 

So how can you re-energize volunteer momentum at your church?

Skills and Interest

First, you need to determine what volunteer roles you need. Then rather than focusing on filling all your positions, focus on getting the right people for the roles you’re filling. Your church needs a way to discern the gifting – the skills and interests – of your people so you can ask them to serve where they’ll thrive, not just where they’ll fill in. 

Teams and Roles

Every volunteer system must define the teams and roles they need. Those definitions need to include answers to question such as: 

  • When, where, and how does this team serve? 
  • What is this team responsible for? 
  • What are the desired outcomes for this role? 
  • What does it mean to be part of this team?
  • And more questions

When staff knows who is serving, where, and how effectively, they’ll better manage volunteers in an effective and scalable manner. And volunteers will appreciate how organized and efficient the operation is, which will help everyone feel helpful in accomplishing the mission.

Sharing Opportunities

Many people in your church might not be serving because they don’t know what volunteer opportunities are available. The main thing is to let people know all the ways they can get involved. When you provide ways for individuals to discover new volunteer opportunities, you’re creating a stronger volunteer culture where everyone feels inclusive.

You need your volunteers to be operating at total capacity in roles that fulfill them. With a bit of effort and some good planning, there is no reason why your church can’t thrive in this. It’s time to put the excuses aside and call your people into the eternal reward and temporal satisfaction that comes with a job well done, a role well filled, and a purpose that goes beyond our efforts. It’s time to re-energize your volunteer momentum.

These are just some of the ways you can re-energize your volunteer program.

Re-Energize Volunteer Momentum Guide

For more information and tips, please download our free guide, Re-Energize Volunteer Momentum, now.