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ACS Technologies Delivers “Next Generation” Solutions for Catholic Dioceses and Parishes

    Demonstration set for International Catholic Stewardship Conference Sept 12-14.

    September 2, 2021, Florence, S.C.ACS Technologies®, the world’s leading provider of ministry software and service solutions, announces a new suite of solutions to better equip Catholic dioceses and parishes in their planning, stewardship, and evangelization ministries. The unrivaled combination of MissionInsite, the comprehensive demographic data reporting and analysis system, with MinistryPlatform, the customizable church management platform, provides the critical analytics, technology, and expertise that dioceses and parishes need to serve them now and help them grow more intentionally into the future.

    “MissionInsite helps you to understand who is in the parish and surrounding community and how to minister to them,” said Terry Poplava, Senior Manager, Catholic Market Strategy. “Every diocese could benefit from knowing where to focus efforts. MinistryPlatform has everything you need to manage today’s church and the function to support structural changes and provide personalized ministry. Dioceses are asking us for help as they shift to a culture of missionary discipleship. MissionInsite and MinistryPlatform truly serve our ‘next generation’ Catholic church. With ACS Technologies’ excellent service and our traditional Parish Data System applications, we have complete resources to help every diocese and parish!” 

    At the International Catholic Stewardship Conference (ICSC), there will be a spotlight of attention by many dioceses and parishes on this new combined next generation solution, which is already getting rave reviews. 

    “I don’t know how I would do our strategic missionary planning without data. MissionInsite is a critical element of the planning that we can’t do without!” – Laura Engel, Archdiocese of Milwaukee

    “MinistryPlatform is a great evangelizing tool for us to stay in touch with people. It’s a relational database that is easy for us to use. It’s the one place where we can keep all data and communicate better. It’s just amazing.” – Janet Payton, Holy Martyrs Church

    “One size does not fit all. So I chose MinistryPlatform because I could customize it to meet the needs of my parish. It helps me manage everything better.” – Wade McFall, St Thomas More Catholic Church

    “It’s flexible and very easy to work with. They bent over backward to accommodate our one-to-many diocese to parish model with great support. We now have MinistryPlatform that serves parishes, and every department at the diocese benefits by using it.” – Ron Hurt, Archdiocese of Baltimore

    MinistryPlatform and MissionInsite are a perfect and powerful combination for Catholic dioceses and parishes. They work well for the nuances of the Catholic church and can be customized to the specific needs of that user. 

    “With the utmost commitment, we are prioritizing our long-held dedication to Catholic dioceses and parishes. Today is a new day for the Church in many ways,” said Joe Koehling, President and CEO of ACS Technologies. “We recognize that and want to do everything we can to ensure every Catholic diocese and parish has the best of what they need to build the Kingdom.”

    The company will show its new ministry solutions at ICSC in Orlando, September 12-14.

    Additionally, at ICSC, parish and diocesan leaders are teaming up with ACS Technologies to do two presentations. During “Embracing New Realities in Your Community,” attendees will learn how to know if their parish is serving their community and where they might prioritize outreach ministry efforts. “How You Can Enable Your Changing Parishes” will describe how dioceses and parishes can see where and how parishioners are engaging in their faith journey, how it relates to giving, and how to use the information to adapt in support of parishioners.

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    About ACS Technologies®

    Founded in 1978, ACS Technologies is the leading provider of software and service solutions to nearly 50,000 ministries. With the mission to enable everyone in the Church with a personalized ministry environment to make God-honoring decisions in actionable ways, ACS Technologies desires to build the Kingdom by being a trusted ministry partner in the daily life of every church. ACS Technologies stands apart by providing a holistic ministry approach, meeting the needs of the denomination/diocese, pastor/priest, staff/volunteers, and congregants/parishioners with unique value in each role with each ministry goal. Some of its most popular solutions are: Realm, MinistryPlatform, MissionInsite, PDS, ACS, MinistrySmart, and Higher Ground. ACS Technologies is a privately held, independent, family-led Christian company headquartered in Florence, SC, with offices in Greenville, SC, and Phoenix, AZ.