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Strategies to Engage
Your Donors Now

You might have heard the old adage in the philanthropic world that attracting donors is difficult but keeping them is easy. There’s actually nothing further from the truth.

While it can be difficult and costly to secure new givers, it’s actually far more challenging work to retain those donors over a long period of time. Five Strategies to Engage Donors Now provides concrete and practical steps for managing your donor relationships in a way that keeps givers inspired, informed, and excited.

From navigating a crisis to how to make an appropriate ask, these tools will give you solid guidance
in advancing your church’s stewardship and long-term care of its givers.

5 strategies to engage your church donors

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Fundraising doesn't need
to feel ackward or icky.


Donors need relationship and ministry far more than we need their money. If we don’t see ministry to the donor as our higher calling, our donors are destined to be mere objects and the connection between them and our ministry will be sadly unsatisfying.

Donors of all sizes deserve to know the difference they are making. Henri Nouwen reminds us that fundraising is all about creating a relationship between those who have resources and those who need them, in order to advance God’s Kingdom. 

“We will find ourselves begging for money and they will find themselves merely handing us a check,” he writes. “No real connection has been created because we have not asked them to come and be with us. We have not given them an opportunity to participate in the spirit of what we are about. We may have completed a successful transaction, but we have not entered into a successful relationship.”

The Three Characteristics of the Cheerful Giver: Fundraising as Ministry outlines the key desires of donors and how churches can meet those needs.

three characteristics of a cheerful giver

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Stewardship is a touchy subject in churches today. It’s something pastors often don’t like to preach about. But it’s inevitable. We have to at some point. 

It’s no secret that online giving is becoming more prominent in our churches today, especially because of the Covid-19 pandemic we faced in 2020 and are starting to see recycle itself again right now. If the pandemic did one thing for churches, it forced them to think about how to continue to receive tithes and offerings from its members while not physically meeting on campus each week. Do any churches actually pass an offering plate anymore?

“Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.” 2 Cor. 9:7


Most everyone in your church knows why he or she tithes. The Bible calls us to. Furthermore, most of your members know how to give. In times past, they would write a check or drop cash in the plate as it passed during an offertory hymn. Times have changed, and now we can add swiping a credit or debit card at a kiosk in the lobby, giving online, or texting a tithe as options. As mentioned earlier, summer has now come to a close. People are returning to your church from a hectic summer, seeking relief and a sense of normalcy. So how are you, as a church leader, communicating why it’s important for your members to be faithful in their stewardship along with the various ways for your members to give faithfully?


gearing up for fall giving

Download our guide, “Gearing up for Fall: Giving”, to learn more.

  • Why stewardship is Biblical
  • Why giving is important
  • How to introduce your church to online giving
  • Various ways to leverage both traditional print and digital media as it relates to giving



We cover other topics that are essential for a prosperous and successful fall, like:

  • Volunteering – How to successfully recruit and maintain a steady volunteer base
  • Events – What shapes and molds events at your church?
  • Outreach – Learn how to communicate and nurture

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Everything you Need
To Increase Generosity This Easter

A Toolkit with Customizable Giving Tools

Your church will see many members and visitors this Easter, which is why you are spending much time planning and preparing. So let us help! 

This free toolkit has been created to provide you with customizable slides and graphics as well as copy-and-paste content for your bulletin, emails, and mail letters that will save time while giving you ways to increase your giving.

easter giving toolkit

The content provided in this toolkit is designed to be used as-is – with customization opportunities to plug your church’s giving website and keywords. Just edit what’s unique to you and send it out. 

  • Customizable tools you can use today! 
  • Increase awareness of the benefits of online giving.
  • Help church members and visitors give easily and quickly.
  • Empower your staff and save tons of time! 

Our goal in creating this toolkit is to make it easier for church staff to increase generosity and grow your church’s giving by providing you the tools you need to reach out to others with confidence this Easter. 

Just fill out this form, and your toolkit will be ready.

money and question mark

How to Talk About Money
With Your Church

Few things in ministry are more nuanced than talking about money with your church. 

People hold varying views, opinions, and even resentment related to the church and money that all have an effect on how your teaching and requests around giving will be received. And yet…

Mastering the money talk is essential to growing a vibrant, well-funded ministry. 

We want your ministry to be blessed with abundance, and we want your people to develop a heart of generosity that permeates and improves every area of their lives. That’s why we’ve  created this free guide, to help you talk about money at your church in a way that will be fruitful. 

master giving growth

In this guide, you’ll discover how to: 

  • Cast a compelling vision that motivates people to give
  • Connect the dots between giving and life transformation
  • Make it too convenient for people not to give
  • And grow giving at your church!

Get your church finances on the path toward growth! Download your free copy today. Fill out this form and we’ll send you the PDF!

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Remind Your Congregation
How important It Is To Give Back

It is Better to Give Than Receive.

Now is the biggest time of the year for giving. Simple reminders to your congregation can make a big impact on your campaign.

We’ve created social media posts, cover photos, website graphics, slides, and signs to help you remind your congregation how important it is to give this time of year. 

year end giving toolkit

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A simple Recipe
For Fiscal Surety

Nothing is certain. History has shown us that.

Recent history has proven it. And yet, there are ways to shore up your finances when unavoidable dips are looming in the shadows.

What your ministry needs right now is a surefire way to increase giving, even when you aren’t meeting.

how to increase giving when you are not meeting

This free guide will show you how to:

  • Avoid the dips that are sure to try and ruin your church
  • Avail the opportunities presented by this season
  • Understand all the giving ingredients
  • Create a recipe to grow giving
  • Launch a simple solution

This is not a short-term season. The effects of job loss and economic downturn will affect your church’s giving for months – maybe even years – to come. It’s worth the effort to adjust your giving strategy so you can be certain in uncertain times.

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Creating a Culture
Of Generosity

Creating a culture is no easy task.

A culture is a way of doing things that infiltrates every area of the organization or people.

Basically, it’s who you are.

In fact, to do it arbitrarily is impossible. It’s more influenced, grown, and matured than created. But you have to start somewhere right?

We’ve created a free guide to help your church see the great benefits and unmatched growth in giving and serving that results when people fully adopt generous hearts.

Getting people to give is nice. Developing generous hearts is better.

Your church can experience generosity as away of life, 24/7.

The key to ongoing, increasing, and unfettered contributions to your ministry is found not in the next gimmick, campaign, or “drive”. It’s found in cultivating a healthy culture by developing healthy people who have generosity firmly rooted in their hearts and minds.

This guide will show you how.

5 keys to create a culture of generosity

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3 Reasons People Will
Give to Your Church

There are so many ways for churches like yours
to fully fund their ministries.

Giving in many churches across the country is on the decline. Younger generations are giving less than their predecessors. And many churches are struggling to raise the funds required for building the Church and reaching people for Christ. But the good news is, there are ways to grow giving in your ministry, and it’s not as hard as you might think. You just need the right tools and a plan, and you’re on your way!

That’s why we’ve created a free guide to help you understand the real reasons why people will become, and continue to be, increasingly faithful contributors to your church. Plus, you’ll discover how Realm® – a new approach to church management software – seamlessly integrates with eGiving, making things easier on your staff and convenient (and secure) for your donors.

3 reasons people will giving to your church

In this guide, you’ll learn how, with Realm’s help, you can:

  • Lay a foundation for faithful giving
  • Help people know how and why to give
  • Share the mission of your church to increase giving
  • Make giving at your church easier than ever before
  • Use tools and methods to cultivate, communicate, and continue with giving

Plus, learn how our expert eGiving Coaches™ walk alongside your ministry to help you use solutions like online, mobile, text, and kiosk giving to their maximum potential!

Download our free guide to
learn how.

Finish The Giving Season Strong

Create a Great
Year-End Giving Campaign

The holidays are one of the most strategic times of the year in the life of the church. Statistics show that 1/3 of all annual giving occurs in December.

Increasing donations doesn’t happen overnight or just because everyone is in a warm, fuzzy giving mood. Churches must develop a comprehensive strategy that uses the right mix of online tools and communication channels to reach your audience and maximize ministry results.

Our free guide will show you how to craft a campaign that will get everyone giving so they can be a blessing and your church can thrive into the spring.

complete guide to year-end giving

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