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This summer is coming quickly. Are you looking for ways to make this year’s summer the best one yet?  With many kids living in families where both parents work, summer experiences at your church are a great way to serve both kids and families. 

  • Learn how to get ready for the experience.
  • Get tools you can share with your volunteers.
  • Find hints to help you run your event(s).
  • Discover follow-up that works


Every church and every family can’t afford to send their kids to faraway and costly summer camps. Many can’t afford to send their kids to daycares or put them in after school programs. Churches can serve their families and communities by providing families a safe, cost effective, and local summer experience for their children.

Planning, running, and following up a VBS takes intentional thought and effort. A good plan and process will make your event better, effective, more fun, impactful, and give your church the long lasting benefits your church deserves.  

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