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reaching those in need near your church

Reaching Those In Need Near Your Church

Don’t Let the Unreached Near You Slip Through the Cracks

Studies show that more and more people around us are not being reached by local churches. In 2019, nearly 3 of 10 people in the United States were not affiliated with any religious group. 

That means your church’s mission field is all around you. Yet it still can be hard to discern how to reach those unreached people in your community.

Our new free guide, Top Ideas to Reach the Unreached in Your Community can help. This new resource provides key insights that can show you how to leverage digital tools like MissionInsite to:

  • Define the community you’re trying to reach.
  • Learn some of the demographic details of your neighbors.
  • Understand the needs and program interests of nearby people.

You can’t love the unreached until you know the unreached. This new guide will show you exactly how to leverage high-quality data about your community to develop an effective outreach strategy.

reaching those in need near your church

Download the guide today to get started.