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Whole Church
Developing a well-rounded church

Keeping up with everything going on in
your ministry can be overwhelming.

You’re posting attendance, keeping up with small group activities, monitoring engagement, tracking giving, and more. It’s a lot to keep up with, especially when your church uses multiple solutions. Information gets lost, staff spend time on unnecessary tasks, and people lose connection.

That’s where Realm® comes in. A fresh new approach to church management software, Realm puts administration, community, accounting, plus so much more, all in one place for your whole church. That makes it easy for your staff to stay informed in real time and easy for your members to stay connected and engaged in your ministry.

how to develop a well rounded church

We’ve created this free guide to show you how, with Realm’s help, you can:

  • Develop community, on and off line
  • Establish and manage assimilation and discipleship pathways
  • Communicate with and manage members and groups
  • Keep accurate personal, financial, and church records
  • Gain key insights from robust reports and dashboards
  • Manage individual and team tasks and responsibilities
  • Empower leaders and staff to do real ministry in real time
  • Get community, accounting, administration, in one place

Download your free guide today to learn how Realm can bring your whole church together.