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Provide Real-Time Updates and a Streamlined Giving Experience through our Preferred Giving Integration for MinistryPlatform


With the integration with MinistryPlatform, donations are automatically passed to the Platform in real-time. Sync stats in MP eGiving show you if a donation couldn’t be sent to the Platform and allow you to resync those donations.

Custom Giving Forms and Text Keywords

In MP eGiving, you can build custom giving forms (as many as you’d like!) with your brand’s colors and an image that you prefer. Choose which funds you want to show on each form and change these as often as you’d like to add seasonal or one-time funds. In addition to your general text giving keyword, you can go more granular with text giving keywords for specific giving forms.

Donor’s Giving Experience

MP eGiving provides a smooth giving experience for your contributors, whether giving online, via text, or in your mobile app. Embed your giving form on your website or use Widgets to allow your contributors to give as guests or log in to view their giving history and manage their payment methods. MP eGiving integrates with PocketPlatform, and contributors use their MinistryPlatform login credentials to sign in to MP eGiving. Plus, the Recurring Giver Migration Tool in MP eGiving equips you to migrate your recurring givers and track your progress along the way, making the transition smoother for your contributors.

Event Payments

Offer event payments through MP eGiving and the Events Widget in MinistryPlatform. Registrants can make the payment during event registration, and you’ll see that payment both in MP eGiving and MinistryPlatform as “paid”. The payments grid in MP eGiving makes it easy for you to see what payments are processing and what payments have been deposited to your church’s bank.