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Build an Impactful Giving Plan

Even during hard financial times

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The financial health of the Church is not always steady and predictable. Currently, we are seeing a decline in the number of one-time gifts being given to the church. And those one-time gifts are decreasing in amount due to outside factors affecting the lives of contributors. But what about the financial needs of the Church?

You may have a financial plan in place, but does that plan include ways to prevent large dips in tithes and offerings when unexpected pandemics and recessions occur?

As your ministry partner, we walk alongside you in both the good and unsure times. We are listening to struggles pastors, financial directors, and other ministry leaders just like you are having today, and we are watching trends closely to understand the needs of the Church. We’ve prepared a toolkit specifically to guide you through building an impactful giving plan that will withstand the harder financial times.

This toolkit includes:

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A ministry guide to walk you through building your giving plan

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Templates to communicate the every-day financial needs of your church

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Customizable infographics showing what it takes your church to continue fulfilling its mission

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Video scripts and samples to help you show the impact your church makes in your local community and beyond

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And so much more!

Download your free toolkit today!

While we can’t evaluate every expense of every church, we can help you build an impactful giving plan that will increase your giving by getting your entire congregation behind the mission of your church. We’ve prepared this toolkit specifically to guide you through building an impactful giving plan that will withstand the harder financial times.

Ministry Guide

Download this guide to learn how you can use each resource in this toolkit to build your giving plan.

Increase Giving, Increase Impact Toolkit
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Pulpit Announcements

As church staff, it can be frustrating at times when you say something and it seems to go ignored until the pastor says the exact same thing and everyone responds. Use that to your advantage! Your pastor is the leader of the church and your congregation listens to what he has to say. Provide him with compelling announcements to make from the pulpit asking for donations to support your mission.

Video Stories

If you follow social media, you know videos are on the rise while text posts receive less attention. Use that same approach by finding those in your church or community that have been touched by the mission you’re asking your contributors to support and ask them to share the impact that mission has had in their lives. And don’t worry, you don’t have to have a huge production. A smartphone with a camera, natural lighting outdoors or by a large window, a simple background, and a compelling story are all you need.

Take a look at how Elizabeth Baptist Church communicated the impact financial gifts made on their ministries and missions through video.

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Email Strategy

Build an email strategy to reach specific donor groups with targeted messaging. Use your church management solution to identify groups of donors, such as your top donors, donors in a specific age group, or those donors who haven’t given in the past 3 months. Craft emails that reach each group and share the impact their gifts can make to your mission. Be sure to link directly to a giving form where your mission is already chosen as the fund to make giving even easier. Having your pastor’s signature on the email will make it even more effective in gaining attention from your donors.

Social Media Strategy

Social media is one of the most effective ways of getting a message out to followers and the public quickly. Videos and images are the best way to stand out in social news feeds. Share graphics and impact videos on social media with links to where contributors can give to support your mission. Here’s some free graphics you can share with your followers.

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Giving Initiatives Checklist

Use this checklist to ensure your contributors have the tools they need and you’re prepared to receive gifts when promoting initiatives.

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