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ACS Technologies® Announces Plans for New Catholic Web-Based Software

    Parish Data System Team Remains Focused on Serving Catholic Diocese and Parish Needs 

    May 7, 2015, Florence, S.C. – ACS Technologies®, the world’s leading provider of church management software and service solutions, today announced plans for a new Catholic web-based software underneath the Parish Data System (PDS) banner.

    This announcement reinforces ACS Technologies’ commitment to remaining focused on serving Catholic Diocesan and Parish clients through PDS products and services. Created by a priest more than 37 years ago, PDS solutions remains the most used Catholic software brand in the United States. 

    The new web-based software will be mobile, affordable and very easy to use. It will take into account the requests and daily use from more than 9,000 PDS clients, including parishes, schools, and dioceses, creating the best of what PDS has to offer. This is a direct reflection of ACS Technologies’ steadfast dedication to serve the unique needs of Catholic parishes and dioceses with software that is specifically designed for the Catholic faith.

    “Through the years, parishes and dioceses have progressed in their software needs and PDS has progressed to better meet those needs. Since the beginning, we have listened to what clients want and have worked to ensure PDS has changed to better meet expectations,” said Marvin Owen, President of ACS Technologies. “PDS has also moved from DOS, to Windows, to now being accessible via the Internet through PDS OnDemand. In the future, when the time is right for all, PDS software functionality will make the move to be web-based.”

    When launched, this new web-based version of PDS software features will be known as Realm®. Many are already using web-based products daily and are also requesting PDS features become web-based. ACS Technologies is listening and working diligently to provide what so many clients are requesting from PDS software and services. 

    “We are very excited to bring to Catholic organizations new features that no one else within the church software space are now offering. With the development of new tools and software, we believe we will be providing something that is of great benefit to all dioceses and parishes,” said Johnny Stoupenos, Senior Director, Catholic for ACS Technologies. “And while many church software companies are shrinking in their commitments to parishes and dioceses, ACS Technologies is investing more and working harder than ever before to meet the software needs of the Catholic faith.”

    “It is very rewarding to be able to introduce new products and new ways to use existing products as we develop them. For almost 40 years, parishes and dioceses have been able to count on PDS to serve their needs with the best software and support available,” said Steve Cumbia, Senior Director of R&D. “With the move toward being web-based, Catholic parishes and dioceses can continue to expect only the best customized features to meet their needs, with the added benefit of those features now being in the cloud and utilizing the latest technology.” 

    To stay connected regarding the transition of PDS to being web-based, visit

    About ACS Technologies®

    Founded in 1978, ACS Technologies® is the leading provider of information management software and service solutions to nearly 50,000 churches, schools, and organizational offices. With brands such as ACS™PDS™Realm®, and HeadMaster™, ACS Technologies enables churches and schools to manage every vital area of their ministry from finances to relationships, from events and groups to giving and serving. Whether online, desktop, or mobile, the passion that drives ACS Technologies is maximizing technology’s value for ministry. ACS Technologies is a privately held company headquartered in Florence, South Carolina, with offices in Greenville, SC and Phoenix, AZ.

    Meredith Morris