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ACS Technologies® Expands Its Service Offering to Include Capital Campaign Fundraising Consulting for Churches

    New initiative is offered through a strategic partnership between ACS Technologies and Non-Profit DNA.

    Florence, S.C., October 17, 2022 – ACS Technologies, the world’s leading ministry software, and service solutions provider, announced today that it has partnered with Non-Profit DNA, a consulting firm, to offer consulting services that will enable churches to conduct effective capital fundraising campaigns. The partnership brings together the extensive fundraising expertise of the Non-Profit DNA team with the data-driven insights that ACS Technologies offers.

    Capital campaigns offer an effective way for parishes, churches, dioceses, and denominational offices to raise the funds necessary to invest in the growth or expansion of their missions. At the same time, a capital campaign is a resource-intensive endeavor that requires a strategic vision and commitment to execution over a long period of time. Unfortunately, many church leaders and staff lack the fundraising or development expertise to conduct a successful capital campaign.

    This new partnership between ACS Technologies and Non-Profit DNA gives churches access to a team of highly skilled and experienced fundraising and development professionals to help create, plan and execute their mission-focused capital campaigns. 

    Through a consulting engagement, churches will benefit from:

    • A comprehensive assessment of every aspect of the ministry that will affect the capital campaign, including a feasibility study, a campaign strategy, and training.
    • A team of experienced fundraising and development consultants to guide the campaign process and help convey a compelling message.  
    • Consulting services to craft the message and develop the case to financially support the plan. 
    • Resources to communicate the ministry’s vision and create a comprehensive plan for the capital campaign’s phases, components, and execution.

    “This new partnership enables ACS Technologies to provide valuable consulting and capital campaign leadership and execution services to churches of all types and all sizes,” said Terry Poplava, Director, Strategic Expertise at ACS Technologies. “We are looking forward to working with the team at Non-Profit DNA. They bring extensive knowledge and development experience that will benefit any church embarking on a significant fundraising campaign.”

    Non-Profit DNA has worked with numerous non-profits to help build their capacity through fundraising, leadership, team building, staff recruiting, and coaching. “By partnering with ACS Technologies, our team can expand our capabilities to assist more organizations,” Tim Smith, Non-Profit DNA CEO and Founder, said. “We are committed to helping further the critical missions of churches and non-profit organizations. That’s what drives us.”

    This partnership is a perfect resource for churches and ministries looking to raise $500 thousand or more above their current giving levels over a two-to-three-year period to fund special projects like constructing a new building, establishing a new ministry, launching a new site, or paying off old debt.  

    Many nonprofits and churches praise the fundraising work of Non-Profit DNA, like Phil Cooke, Ph.D., founder and CEO of Cooke Media Group. “When it comes to experience and innovation, it’s tough to find anyone in donor development that can match Tim Smith and his team at Non-Profit DNA. He’s a powerful combination of expertise and creativity and constantly looks for innovative ways to connect with donors. In a world of accelerating change, that’s the thinking we want on our team for the church.” 

    For more information or to request a one-on-one consultation, visit

    About ACS Technologies

    Founded in 1978, ACS Technologies is the leading, most comprehensive provider of church ministry software and service solutions to nearly 50,000 churches, schools, dioceses, and denominational offices. With the mission to enable everyone in the Church with a personalized ministry environment to make God-honoring decisions in actionable ways. ACS Technologies desires to build the Kingdom by being a trusted ministry partner in the daily life of every church. ACS Technologies stands apart by providing a whole church approach, meeting the needs of the denomination/diocese, pastor/priest, staff/volunteers, and congregants/parishioners with unique value to each role with each ministry goal. ACS Technologies is a privately held independent Christian family-led company based out of Florence, SC, with remote team members across the U.S.

    About Non-Profit DNA

    Non-Profit DNA assists the Non-Profit Organization (NPO) market through consultation and advisory services, cohort training groups, C-level leadership searches, data and marketing assessments, digital marketing, strategic planning, Major Donor Rep training, planned giving, non-cash giving strategies and complete take over (outsourced) leadership of the NPO fundraising, marketing and development processes and management. The organization brings only seasoned leaders in all areas of NPO management to its projects.

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