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ACS Technologies® Offers Integration of Online Church Database Tool Access ACS with Video Email Marketing Service BombBomb

    Access ACS users can now seamlessly integrate contact information with BombBomb’s email marketing, video and social sharing tools

    Florence, SC – ACS Technologies, the world’s leading provider of church management software solutions, announces a new integration with BombBomb, a frontrunner in church video email marketing software. BombBomb, which helps churches improve their email communication practices through email marketing + video + social sharing, now integrates easily with the ACS Technologies online church database tool, Access ACS™.

    “We know what a headache keeping membership lists up-to-date can be for churches. With Access ACS integration, once the connection is made through our simple setup page, BombBomb syncs a church’s email list immediately before every email send,” said Conor McCluskey, co-founder and CEO of BombBomb. Access ACS helps church staff keep those lists up-to-date in part by allowing church members to access and update their own records online. It’s also a communication tool that helps coordinate volunteers, event registrations, online groups, and online giving.

    BombBomb offers traditional email marketing solutions similar to other email marketing solutions on the market and has gone a step further by offering built-in HTML5 video email tools that are simple to use – whether church staff are tech-savvy or not. Until December 31, 2011, new monthly subscribers to BombBomb will receive two free customized templates to use for their church, ready in about five days.

    “I think what BombBomb has done is great, and I am thrilled for our clients to have the ability to easily access their data via this video email marketing solution. When our clients can easily access their data in other products, it gives them added functionality as well as saved time and energy,” said Sally Grantham, senior project manager of research and development for ACS Technologies.

    The BombBomb-Access ACS integration is just one of the many, user-friendly integrations that add value to popular ACS Technologies solutions. For more information about Access ACS and other ACS Technologies solutions, visit

    About BombBomb

    Founded in 2007, BombBomb is a Colorado-based company that was founded on simplified video email marketing solutions. Through its email marketing platform that offers all the features you need, want and expect, including list management, auto-responders, web forms, pre-built templates, quick-and-easy email editing and comprehensive statistics, the company aims to help churches, ministries, and nonprofits reach their email marketing goals with ease.

    About ACS Technologies®

    Founded in 1978, ACS Technologies® is the leading provider of information management software and service solutions to nearly 50,000 churches, schools, and organizational offices. With brands such as ACS™PDS™Realm®, and HeadMaster™, ACS Technologies enables churches and schools to manage every vital area of their ministry from finances to relationships, from events and groups to giving and serving. Whether online, desktop, or mobile, the passion that drives ACS Technologies is maximizing technology’s value for ministry. ACS Technologies is a privately held company headquartered in Florence, South Carolina, with offices in Greenville, SC and Phoenix, AZ.


    Meredith M. Morris