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Uncover the secrets of saving time and stress in your church’s accounting processes.

Church accounting keeps growing more and more complex. You need to manage multiple designated funds, each with their own specific donor restrictions. Annually, you must create clear and detailed donation receipts for your donors’ tax documentation.

All of this complexity often leads to errors and inefficiencies that drag you away from the mission God has given your church.    

That’s why we created our new FREE guide Simplified Accounting: A Church Guide to Financial Clarity and Compliance. This guide will take you step-by-step through how you can simplify some of your most complex church accounting tasks.

When you apply what you learn in this guide, you’ll:

  • Cut time from your accounting processes so you can invest your time in your church’s core ministry functions.
  • Relieve stress from overworked staff and volunteers.
  • Reduce costly errors in your church’s financial management. 

Get your free guide today so you can begin to simplify your church’s accounting processes.

As summer nears so does a familiar challenge for churches—declining involvement. Even the most effective churches see declines in attendance, small group involvement, giving, and more. Members head off on vacation. Plus, they often want to spend more time outside and less time inside a church building. 

This isn’t just a frequently shared myth. Research shows attendance during the summer typically drops by 20%. Some churches, including those in college towns, see an even bigger decline.

But the summer slump isn’t just about numbers. It’s about missed opportunities. When engagement drops, relationships don’t get built, marriages aren’t saved, and brokenness doesn’t get healed.  

And your church’s momentum stalls—maybe permanently.

But what if we told you the summer slump was avoidable?

In our new free guide, 7 Habits of Highly Engaged Churches in the Summer, we’ll introduce you to the habits that drive engagement during the warm months of the year and beyond. This guide provides:

  • Summer-specific strategies for growing (not merely steady) involvement.

  • Engagement ideas for churches of all sizes.

  • Involvement strategies that bring together every key area of your church.

With summer just around the corner, you can’t wait. Fill in the form below to get your free download today.

Summer is a time of sunshine, vacations, trips, and fun. Unfortunately, for many churches like yours, it is also a time of decreased attendance and engagement as so many are out of town. This means your tithes take a hit as seats are empty, and fewer envelopes are being dropped in the offering plate each week.

So how can you avoid the dreaded summer slump while your members are enjoying their time away?

Download this free guide for 10 tips you can use to encourage your members to continue giving this summer.

Say Goodbye to Disjointed Communications Forever

Free step-by-step guide to creating a church communications plan

Are you tired of haphazard communication frustrating your church’s messaging? Does it seem like your church’s messages always get misunderstood?

In today’s world, effective church communication is more important than ever. But it’s tough to keep the messages clear with so much going on. That often means your church mission gets blurred for the people who need to hear it the most. 

That’s why every church needs a communications plan. 

To help, we’ve put together a new FREE guide, Crafting Your Church’s Communications Plan: A Step-by-Step Blueprint to Tell Your Story Better, to help you create a cohesive strategy to make your church’s messaging better. 

After you implement the strategies in this guide, your church will be prepared to:

  • Tell clear and cohesive stories about what God is doing through your church.

  • Engage congregants with consistent messages that communicate with both your congregants and community.

  • Focus your communications resources on the messages that matter most to your church and the audiences you’re trying to reach. 


Your church mission matters to your community and the world around you. Start building a communication plan that moves your mission forward rather than setting it back.

Get this FREE guide today by filling out the form below.

Free Guide: Get the Most From Your Church Tech Budget

Say goodbye to surprising church tech costs that blow up your budget

Is your church struggling to budget for unpredictable IT costs? 

Technology has become a critical part of how we reach people in today’s world. But it’s famously tough to budget for IT. Too many churches are letting IT surprises eat into the resources meant for core ministry objectives. 

Our new guide can help. In The Hidden Costs of Your Church’s Digital Infrastructure, you’ll learn the surprising secret to cutting out the costs that kill your church’s IT budget. 

You’ll discover:

  • The costs most church leaders forget about when planning an IT budget. 
  • A solution to your unpredictable tech budget. 
  • How churches like yours are finding unique partnerships that help them leverage technology for future ministry growth.

Step into smarter IT management today. Get your free guide now!

The Ultimate

Church Leadership Guide

Everything Church Leaders Must Know in One Free Guide

Strong leadership is crucial to the growth and impact of your church. The right leaders can empower your church family to grow together in ministry and embrace change as your church’s reach expands into the community and beyond.

How do you better prepare to be the leader your church needs moving forward?

Download this free guide to read how you can learn to effectively lead your church with six simple steps.



Cheap Last-Minute Holiday Outreach Ideas

& How To Turn Those Guests Into Long-Term Disciples

The holiday season provides your church with one of the best opportunities of the year to reach your neighbors. 

But time is ticking!

With Christmas just around the corner, you don’t have time to stew over what to do. That’s why we’ve created a new FREE guide that gives you five quick and easy outreach ideas you can use to reach new people and build a long-term disciple-making relationship with them. 

Don’t waste any more time. Download this FREE guide by filling in the form below.

After implementing the strategies in 5 Quick & Easy Church Holiday Outreaches and How to Follow-Up, you be able to:

Reach people in your community with holiday outreach activities that will engage any neighborhood.

Strengthen your church’s impact with efficient follow-up systems, turning holiday encounters into enduring connections and spiritual growth.

Create memorable holiday events that enhance your church’s community presence.

Church Guests

You’ve heard the old saying, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” But did you know that your guests’ first impression comes way before they step foot in your church and continues long after they are back at home?

It’s true. That’s why it’s critical that you optimize the whole welcome experience, not just the 75 minutes your guests are in the building.

Our new FREE guide will help you do just that. Welcoming Church Guests: A Step-By-Step Approach takes your church from the moment a guest starts searching for you online through the time he or she becomes a committed part of your church family. The guide walks you through each step so you can give the warmest welcome possible for those visiting your church.

In this guide, you’ll learn to:

  • Put your first forward when guests first discover your church online.
  • Create a warm experience when guests arrive at your church.
  • Encourage guests to embrace next steps that help them grow closer to Jesus and more involved in your church.

You’ll also get a checklist you can use to help you ensure your guest experience puts your best foot forward.

Fill out the form below to reserve your free copy today.

When planning a mission trip for your church, your time should be spent making an impact, not frustratingly trying to fill fundraising gaps for your team.

Too many churches waste countless hours trying to orchestrate fundraising opportunities for mission trips. We don’t blame them. Money makes missions happen and it’s vital to truly have an impact on any trip. However, the more time churches spend striving to attain donations, the less time they spend preparing their teams for trips and actually serving.

If you’re ready to find out how to get out of the fundraising weeds and out onto the mission field, here is how social fundraising will allow your church and staff to focus less on mission trip processes and more on living out their God-given mission.

Download our free Social Fundraising Guide Now.

Acknowledging Generosity:

Innovative Approaches
to Donor Recognition

Give meaningful thanks to
your donors this holiday season.

While giving thanks is at the forefront of our minds, be sure you include thanking your donors for their generosity. Making the donation is just the beginning and should spark an outpouring of gratitude from your ministry.

In this guide, Acknowledging Generosity: Innovative Approaches to Donor Recognition, our giving partners at Vanco share 7 key guidelines you should follow when thanking your givers for their support, plus free templates to get you started!

In this free guide, you’ll learn:

    • The importance of thanking your givers
    • Top strategies to write personal thank you’s to your donors
    • How to thank your high-volume givers
  • PLUS, 21 free thank you templates to start using today!