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Know Your Neighbors
For Better Ministry Results

The Importance of Knowing Your Neighbors.

You’ve got a lot of people in your neighborhoods who need Jesus. And more, they need to be loved by his people – to see and be seen. Regardless of what preconceived ideas you have or excuses you’ve made about why your neighborhood is “tapped out” or unresponsive to the Gospel, the truth remains…

Your neighborhood needs you. 

We have created a resource to help your church and its leaders develop strategies for gaining a better understanding of your surrounding community – So you can reach them more effectively to experience health and growth.

In this free PDF resource, you’ll discover how to: 

  • Meet needs in your community more effectively
  • Empower your people to share their faith
  • Overcome obstacles and opposition from community members
  • Discover tools to get valuable demographic information
  • Plan surveys and outreach to gather your own data
  • Represent the Kingdom of God in a way that strikes a chord with your neighbors

It all starts with knowing more about your community. So fill out this form and download your free copy today.

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Raising Your
Volunteer Numbers

Learn numerous ways to raise your volunteer numbers.

Nothing at church would be complete without volunteers. They help your parish thrive. In this guide we teach you different ways to increase and keep your volunteers.

A few things you will learn about:

  • How to place your parishioners into the right volunteer position
  • How to know your volunteers
  • How to create strong relationships between your volunteers
  • How to help your volunteers develop an ownership mentality

Help your ministry thrive by growing a strong and effective volunteer community.

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Overcoming Division
At Your Church

It’s no secret that society is hyper-divided.

Unfortunately, instead of the church bringing unity to the world, the world is bringing division into the church.

You have an opportunity to reverse the disunity in this world by first unifying your church.

This free guide will give new approaches to establish unity: 

  • Check your motive to make sure it’s pure
  • Establish trust before moving forward
  • Listen first so you can gain understanding
  • Ask questions before asserting opinions
  • Stick to your guns when you know they’re good
  • Offer a little wiggle room in the form of grace
  • Expand the timeline so you don’t rush resolution
  • Don’t play God by becoming a judge
  • In all things, love well

Lead the way in your community and discover the personal and church-wide peace that comes with being unified in Christ.

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Welcome Back to Worship


Reopening your church comes with an extra long to-do list.

We’re here to help with this Welcome Back to Worship Toolkit.

Reopening your church is a major undertaking. We want to help make it a little easier with these downloadable signs that you can print and use around your church.

You’ll have signs for your church’s:

  • Entryway
  • Worship Area
  • Children’s Area
  • Restrooms

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Learn to LEad

In Unertain Times

Difficulty is nothing new in ministry.

The First Century church was born out of and into chaos. And yet, 2020 has presented challenges that previous generations have not experienced in this way or in this context.

It’s difficult to set – and stick to – a timeline because things are always changing. Planning is elusive, kids ministry is a conundrum, organizing volunteer teams is dubious, and knowing what’s next keeps slipping through our grasps.

And yet, people need God now more than ever! So let’s roll up our sleeves and be the Church that rushes in to ministry instead of waiting on the sidelines.

This Free PDF resource will show you how to:

  • Communicate about communication – so people know what’s coming
  • Calm the fears – so people can move beyond them
  • Know your neighbors – so you can reach them better
  • Build different teams – so you can get people in fulfilling roles
  • Reinvent the wheel – so you can adapt to new ministry norms
  • Keep the peace – so you can be unified in divisive times
  • Finish well – so you can move into the next season with strength

It’s time to add some certainty to your ministry.

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5 Strategic Moves
For Churches

There’s no doubt that there will be challenges
returning to “normal” after COVID-19.

To many, this feels very discouraging. You feel frustrated because, maybe, before the pandemic, you and your church were doing well. Thriving actually. But now you feel dismantled and isolated. Don’t let that trouble you. Thriving in the post-COVID-19 future is possible and practical.

This free resource walks you through 5 strategic moves that you and your church should be doing to ensure that your church can thrive during the new “normal.” Change isn’t scary if you are well prepared.

You’ll learn how to prepare for these things:

  • Social distancing
  • Clergy workloads and goals
  • Economic recession
  • Widespread unemployment
  • “Personal religion”

We know that taking the next steps into the unknown is unsettling, but don’t let that stop your church from doing everything it can to prepare for the future beyond COVID-19!

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Church Has Changed

Are You Ready?

Everyone is talking about the new normal.

Even though change is hard, it shouldn’t be resisted. This season gives every ministry leader and volunteer a fresh look at how they do ministry so they can adjust where needed to do it better.

This free resource was created to help guide you through all the ways that church has changed and to help you adjust for maximum ministry impact.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Make advances in church communication
  • Increase giving and growth
  • Train your volunteers in new ways
  • Adapt to new technology
  • And much more

Don’t let the times of change pass you by. Grab hold of the opportunity to press into new territory. Get your free copy and get started today.

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Are You Ready To Make
The Transition?

Coming out of the Coronavirus

There are many things to consider for when and how to transition back to in-person church services and activities. The goal is a moving target and time is ticking.

Whatever and whenever you decide, you need to know these important details.

We’ve created a guide to help you navigate these uncharted waters. Discover how you should approach:

  • Establishing new sanitization standards and protocols
  • Training your teams for new realities
  • Addressing expectations from your people
  • Handling children’s ministry
  • Phasing in various aspects of your ministry
  • And much more!

Get a handle on your ministry and make a plan for Coming out of Coronavirus so your church can thrive in these unprecedented times.

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Are You Ready To Take
Your Ministry Online?

Are you ready to take your ministry online?

Now more than ever, churches are relying on technology to enable their ministry. Realm gives you all the tools you need to connect with your congregation and enable your staff and pastoral teams online, including

  • Communications
  • Online Giving
  • Events
  • Small Groups
  • Volunteering
  • Pastoral Care
  • Operations

Bring your church together by taking your ministry online with Realm.

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Strengthen Connection

And Community During Covid-19.

Staying Connected

It’s time for your church to innovate quickly to adapt to the current realities that churches all over the country are facing due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

We have created a free resource to help you navigate one of the most important things your church can do during this time, stay connected in community.

Now more than ever your church needs to be encouraged, inspired, and reminded that they are part of something bigger, and there are people looking out for them.

This guide will show you how to:

  • Worship together using live streaming
  • Pray together in online forums
  • “Meet” together in new ways
  • Serve and give together
  • And, grow your congregation, together!

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