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Turn demographic insights into ministry success and level up community engagement.

Your church can’t reach every person and meet every need. God has made you a steward of the most important message in the history of the world—the good news about Jesus.

But you only have so much time and so many resources. That’s why you must target those resources to reach people most likely to respond to the message.

In this free guide, Unlocking Community Insights: How To Find More People To Serve In Your Community, we’ll show you how to do just that.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use insights about your neighbors to reach them more effectively.
  • Steward your outreach dollars by targeting ministry efforts to meet the needs of your community.
  • Leverage data about your community’s diversity to better reflect your neighborhood.

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Building (or Refreshing) Your Strategic Plan

‘Less is more’ when it comes to strategic plans. This easy-to-use guide leads you to a concrete strategic plan in three pages or fewer. It’s the quality of time you spend – not the length of the final document – that will shape your church’s mission, membership and development work going forward. Even those with strategic plans in place would do well to refresh and revisit them often.

The process doesn’t have to be daunting – we’ll give you the tools to produce a simple, straightforward strategic plan.

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Every successful mission trip needs a strong plan in place.

If you’ve ever led a mission trip before, you know how daunting the details can become. You have to manage paperwork, raise funds, purchase tickets, obtain passports, navigate travel requirements, schedule and lead meetings, and about a thousand other moving pieces that go into traveling the world or serving your local community.

If you’re not careful, you will run yourself dry trying to organize all of this before you get the opportunity to pour out God’s love onto others during your trip.

Our new free Mission Trip Checklist Guide can help. This guide will equip you with everything your church needs to lower stress, increase organization, and help your team make the highest Kingdom impact possible.

In this new guide, you will discover how to:

  • Set your team up for success.
  • Verify a vision for your mission.
  • Take the shock out of culture shock.
  • Finish fundraising.
  • Make the highest Kingdom impact possible.

Ready to take your mission trips to the next level? Let’s go!

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Uncovering Your Church’s Best Donors

Major donors are critical to any ministry and church. So how can you assess who is a major donor prospect? In this article, learn what a major donor is and how to identify them. Explore the proven strategies for understanding how to meet their needs and engage them in supporting your church. And learn the necessary tools you must have in place to retain this group of donors.

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Your weekly offertory giving is critical to your church’s ministry.

When it plateaus — or even declines — it’s hard to consistently do the ministry God is calling you to do, let alone expand your ministry efforts.

If that’s the situation your church is in, creating a stewardship plan for your church is important. Before you get started though, we have a new free guide to introduce you to three cautions that can derail your efforts before they start.

In Increasing your Offertory: Ignite giving out of gratitude, you’ll learn:

  • How to customize your stewardship plan to maximize your results.
  • How to begin to develop a culture of generosity in your midst.
  • How to engage a risk-free, experienced team of consultants to help.

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Unlock Future Growth

With a Strategic Plan That Works

Unlock Future Growth with a Strategic Plan that Works

You’ve likely heard the old adage, “A failure to plan is planning to fail.” For churches in today’s complex ministry environment, it’s especially true.

But if you’re like most church leaders, developing a strategic plan can be overwhelming. You already have a lot on your plate.

At ACST, we want to help. We’ve developed a FREE short guide to help you think through how to create an effective strategic plan in your church’s ministry context. In Church Strategic Plans: Why You Need One & How to Build One, we lay out:

  • The costs of not having a strategic plan for your church.
  • The components of a great strategic plan.
  • How to put together the right team to create an effective plan.

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This summer is coming quickly. Are you looking for ways to make this year’s summer the best one yet?  With many kids living in families where both parents work, summer experiences at your church are a great way to serve both kids and families. 

  • Learn how to get ready for the experience.
  • Get tools you can share with your volunteers.
  • Find hints to help you run your event(s).
  • Discover follow-up that works


Every church and every family can’t afford to send their kids to faraway and costly summer camps. Many can’t afford to send their kids to daycares or put them in after school programs. Churches can serve their families and communities by providing families a safe, cost effective, and local summer experience for their children.

Planning, running, and following up a VBS takes intentional thought and effort. A good plan and process will make your event better, effective, more fun, impactful, and give your church the long lasting benefits your church deserves.  

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Turning the big day into a big year for your church.

Follow these simple steps to turn the big day into a big year for your church.

Your church will see an influx of visitors this Easter. Use these tips to ensure you keep them coming back. A well-thought-out plan gives your church the best opportunity to leverage Easter into sustainable growth.

This free resource will cover:

  • Preparing for your Big Day
  • Making your Big Day Special
  • Easter Follow-Up That Works
  • Customizable Outreach Templates
  • And More!


Get access to simple tools that your church can start using today to connect people to your church and help them follow Jesus better.

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How to Talk about Money with Your Church

Few things in ministry are more nuanced than talking about money with your church. 

People hold varying views, opinions, and even resentment related to the church, and money all have an effect on how your teaching and requests around giving will be received. And yet…

Mastering the money talk is essential to growing a vibrant, well-funded ministry. 

We want your ministry to be blessed with abundance, and we want your people to develop a heart of generosity that permeates and improves every area of their lives. That’s why we’ve created this free guide, to help you talk about money at your church in a way that will be fruitful. 

In this guide, you’ll discover how to: 

  • Cast a compelling vision that motivates people to give
  • Connect the dots between giving and life transformation
  • Make it too convenient for people not to give
  • And grow giving at your church! 

Get your church finances on the path toward growth! Download your free copy today. Fill out this form and we’ll send you the PDF!

Better Donor Engagement through Four Habits

You can grow your church’s giving program through four simple habits. A small investment of a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly habit will cultivate your members’ generosity. These habits help demonstrate to them how their giving to the church changes lives.

In this article, learn the four key habits that will put your stewardship program on a healthy course.

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