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When planning a mission trip for your church, your time should be spent making an impact, not frustratingly trying to fill fundraising gaps for your team.

Too many churches waste countless hours trying to orchestrate fundraising opportunities for mission trips. We don’t blame them. Money makes missions happen and it’s vital to truly have an impact on any trip. However, the more time churches spend striving to attain donations, the less time they spend preparing their teams for trips and actually serving.

If you’re ready to find out how to get out of the fundraising weeds and out onto the mission field, here is how social fundraising will allow your church and staff to focus less on mission trip processes and more on living out their God-given mission.

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Acknowledging Generosity:

Innovative Approaches
to Donor Recognition

Give meaningful thanks to
your donors this holiday season.

While giving thanks is at the forefront of our minds, be sure you include thanking your donors for their generosity. Making the donation is just the beginning and should spark an outpouring of gratitude from your ministry.

In this guide, Acknowledging Generosity: Innovative Approaches to Donor Recognition, our giving partners at Vanco share 7 key guidelines you should follow when thanking your givers for their support, plus free templates to get you started!

In this free guide, you’ll learn:

    • The importance of thanking your givers
    • Top strategies to write personal thank you’s to your donors
    • How to thank your high-volume givers
  • PLUS, 21 free thank you templates to start using today!


Cars, land, timeshares and more

Most of our church’s significant and best donors only have about 10 percent of their wealth in liquid cash. The rest – 90 percent or more –  is tied up in property, land, stocks and other assets. If we’re not creating a path for them to consider making charitable contributions from where most of their wealth is held, we’re not giving them a full opportunity to fund our ministries and partner with us in God’s mission.

Learn how your members can turn unwanted property, unneeded IRA income and other non-cash assets into important gifts to your church.

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Discover the 5 Stages of Biblical Generosity

Too many church leaders want to run and hide when it’s time to discuss money. But the Bible doesn’t give us that option. Jesus talked about money all throughout the Gospels. Teaching people to give like Jesus did is an important part of the discipleship process.  

In our new FREE guide. Nurturing Generosity: Helping Members Take Their Next Step in Biblical Stewardship, we’ll walk you through the five stages of church generosity (non-giver, occasional giver, regular giver, proportional giver, and kingdom investor) and help you engage them in their next step.

In this free guide, you’ll learn:

  • A systematized approach to helping members grow in generosity.
  • How to build a generous culture that helps people take these steps more easily
  • The value of integrating technology into your generosity pathway to empower growth.

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ACST Expert Consulting Services for Churches

Whether you’re a pastor, church leader, or layperson, our consulting services can help you identify new ministry opportunities, improve community engagement, and develop effective outreach programs. We believe that by using data to inform our decisions, we can create stronger, more vibrant communities of faith.

At ACS Technologies, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities facing churches today. That’s why we offer MissionInsite, a powerful demographic and lifestyle solution to help you better understand your community. There are many ways to leverage the information available in the system.

Our experienced team of expert consultants work with churches of all sizes and denominations to analyze the data provided by Missioninsite’s powerful church demographic platform. We then provide tailored recommendations and practical strategies to help churches maximize their impact and reach. And we can coach you through the planning process.

If you’re ready to take the next step toward unlocking the full potential of your church’s data, download our free guide “Maximizing Your Church’s Impact with MissionInsite” now.


  • Understand your community like never before
  • Target outreach efforts
  • Make data-driven decisions for your ministry
  • Get expert consulting to maximize your results

Download our free guide to learn how MissionInsite Consultants can help your church thrive.

Bridge the Generation Gap

Master church communications across all ages

It’s getting tougher and tougher for churches to reach different generations with their communications. Yet the unique communication preferences of your community have never been more important for building stronger relationships with the different generations in your community.

Our new guide, Engage Every Generation, leverages ground-breaking research from the ACST American Beliefs Study to help you cut through all the noise, so you can:

  • Turn around declining engagement trends with better communication strategies for different generations.
  • Learn to adapt to the communications preferences of each generation you’re trying to reach.
  • Overcome generational divides in communications strategies so you can build a cohesive plan to reach your church family and the broader community.

Whether you’re a pastor, church leader, staff, or volunteer, this guide is for you. Get practical, easy-to-implement tips to improve your church’s communication and connect with your community on a whole new level.

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They’re called the unchurched… the de-churched… the disengaged.  They live right there in your neighborhood.  But they don’t come to church.  How do you reach them? 

Call out: We have proven ways to start filling your church with new people every Sunday.

Often people don’t disagree with the life-giving message of Christianity.  They just believe their local church is not relevant  to their lives.  ACST can help you FIND and KNOW so you can LOVE your neighbors in ways that meet their expressed needs.

With our HOW TO FIND MORE PEOPLE  guide you’ll learn:

  1. Key attitudes, objections and motivations in your neighborhood.
  2. Why people left.  But more importantly, what might  bring them back.
  3. How to connect with younger generations.
  4. What needs your neighbors have and how you can serve them better.
  5. How to match people  with ministries  they want.
  6. New ways to invite people.
  7. Improved communications.


A Study On Catholics In The U.S.

Who are We, and Who is Missing?

We know…

  • The number of Catholics attending church has fallen in recent years. 
  • Most of our parishes serve a population that is 51+.
  • 50% of Caucasians are Catholic, but Hispanics are more likely to be Catholic as a percentage of the population.

But what don’t we know? And how do we reach out and engage Catholics who aren’t active?

This study is based on 34.3 million active Catholics in the U.S. It takes a broad look at Catholics across the United States and provides directional information for church leadership. It gives leaders insights into the people in the parish and the surrounding community – their interests and lifestyles – and shows how to use this information for personal interaction.

Get your copy of this FREE study and start increasing participation in your parish!

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You want your church to grow, but you don’t know where to start.

You’re not alone. We know how tough sustainable growth can be. That’s why we’ve created a guide to help you grow in a balanced way that leads to reaching new communities with the good news.

In the Church Growth Playbook, we will:

  • Discover an approach that balances attractional and missional approaches.
  • Learn about the church growth strategy that has worked in a variety of contexts.
  • Reach new communities with a multiplication plan that leads to new churches.

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Positioning Your Congregation for Planned Gifts

Most churches don’t talk to their members about legacy or estate gifts at all. Of those who do, it’s likely a mention in passing or something only targeted at those age 70+. Unfortunately, other charitable organizations run circles around churches when it comes to securing planned gifts. Learn techniques for education and communicating with your members about the power of leaving a lasting legacy through their estate and planned giving.

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