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Equip your parish administrator with the tools they need.

Share this information with others in your parish.

Better manage your parish information.

Empower your parish administrator with tools to track parishioner and family information including personal, contact details, ministries/talents, and so much more. Manage your records, contributions, background checks, and attendance.  Dashboards provide quick snapshots of your data.

Help put names to faces.

Everyone in your parish can manage their own personal and family profiles, including their privacy settings so they know who can see what information, delivering a parish directory that’s never out of print.

Store sacramental information for quick access.

Store and display sacramental information in a format similar to your physical registers while also including volumes and page numbers to quickly locate information in those physical registers when needed. Print certificates and notification letters to the church of baptism.

Manage your finances responsibly.

Maintain your parish’s financial records, prepare budget information, run payroll, and generate detailed reports with a full accounting solution built for your parish.


Know and interact with your parishes through DioOffice™.

Maintain up-to-date records, manage funds, campaigns, and appeals, and establish effective communication with your parishes using PDS Church Office and DioOffice.

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Send bulk mail with ease.

PDS CASS It! provides your administration office with the tools to CASS certify mailing addresses to meet US Postal requirements for address verification while saving you money and helping take the confusion out of ever-changing requirements for postal rate discounts.

Schedule rooms and equipment efficiently.

Simplify the most complex scheduling processes, eliminate conflicts, track and manage facility fees, and maintain regular communication with facility users. Plus, publish your event calendar to keep your parishioners and guests informed.

Schedule details for each Mass.

Easily coordinate and assign ministers for various functions at weekend or daily liturgies. PDS Ministry Scheduler is a customizable solution for scheduling masses, allowing the administrator to establish preferences and adjust for conflicts.

Take your virtual presence to the next level.

Build a professional, user-friendly website using pre-formatted templates with pages for each area of your parish and images that best represent your ministry.

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Know more about the people in your community.

New from ACST

Analytics, Maps, Reports, and More

Run your membership data against different community reports, like demographics, beliefs, religious affiliations, households, population, and more.