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Background Checks

Share this information with others in your parish.

Provide security for your parish.

Your parishioners want to know your parish is a safe environment for their families. That’s why we’ve partnered with Verified First to provide the most comprehensive background checks available. The integration with PDS makes it simple to run thorough background checks on anyone volunteering, working, or caring for the young people in your parish.

Better manage background checks.

PDS’s seamless integration with our Background Check solution makes it easy to use and to quickly manage all your background screening needs. Track the date background checks were processed and maintain history of your background checks in the Safe Environment section of PDS. Plus, search for cases where follow-up is needed or when it’s time for a renewal.

Relieve your screening budget.

Protect your parish while removing financial burdens with our Applicant Pay Serving Volunteer package. This package allows your volunteers to support your parish by paying for their screening.

Limit access to screening.

Privacy is important when screening your staff and volunteers. In PDS, you can designate which staff members have the ability to view, submit, and manage background checks.

Packages to fit your needs.

Background screening for churches isn’t one size fits all. Each role within your church requires different levels of screening, which is why we’ve created packages that fit those roles. Plus, add-ons enable you to dig even deeper when needed.

Feature Highlights

Background checks are already part of PDS.

To take advantage of the integration between PDS and Verified First, you will need to be on version 9.0G or later.

How to set up your new, integrated background checks service in PDS:

  • In the Personnel section, click “Safe Environment.”
  • Click “Request Background Check.”
  • Click “Sign Up”, and you’ll be taken to the Verified First signup page.
  • Follow the prompts to start using background checks.