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Formation Office

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Easy management of religious education programs.

Organize student and family information, quickly see who is enrolled in each class/session, and coordinate large amounts of financial data from tuition and fees to contributions and fundraising. Use Formation Office to take care of the details, and free yourself and your staff to manage the crucial human interactions at the heart of your institution.

Better manage student information.

Keeping information on your students and their families is vital to the effective management of your religious education programs. PDS Formation Office enables you to keep phone numbers, email addresses, emergency contact information, medical alerts, and so much more.

Track student progress and attendance.

From viewing class schedules, rosters, meeting dates, and catechists to running enrollment reports, PDS Formation Office does it with ease. You can quickly locate information for each student’s attendance and view other vital data such as their sacraments, ministries, talents, certifications, and more.

Offer tuition tracking and payments.

Easily manage and maintain all your payment information and keep your students’ families informed of their payment records and histories with PDS Formation Office. Plus, support for most EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) methods gives your students’ families payment flexibility.

Provide online registration for programs.

PDS Formation Office helps you create forms to add to your website so parishioners can easily register students or update their family information. You can post blank forms for the general public or email parishioners and send them to a form that is already filled out with their information that’s ready to be updated.

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