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Share this information with others in your parish.

Create synergy between the diocese and parishes.

Keeping accurate and up-to-date contact information is a challenge facing any diocesan office. DioEdge is a companion for Blackbaud’s Raiser’s Edge NXT™ and works along with PDS DioOffice™ to provide the capability of automating additions, changes, and deletions of name and address information from parishes using PDS Church Office™ into Raiser’s Edge NXT, and for Dioceses to send changes for review to parishes.

Synchronize data between Raiser’s Edge NXT and Church Office.

Increase mailing effectiveness by synchronizing head of family and spouse names, addresses, emails, and phone numbers between the diocese and parishes. DioEdge presents possible matches and duplicates for review prior to updating data.

Customize to fit your unique needs.

Have more control over Raiser’s Edge NXT data formats and ensure proper translation between solutions by defining styles for addresses, names, and phone types. For example, you can define prefix and suffix styles and change the data to match, such as changing every instance of Mister to the prefix Mr.

Manage changed information.

When information is changed or updated, you’ll see a review window allowing you to accept, ignore, or reject the changed data. Enter follow-up remarks on records in DioEdge and manage inactive families who are no longer connected to a parish.

Feature Highlights