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Children & Youth

Create an environment where kids flourish.

Share this information with others in your parish.

Better manage religious education programs.

Organize student and family information, quickly see who is enrolled in each class/session, and coordinate large amounts of financial data from tuition and fees to contributions and fundraising. Start the new year more easily with Online Registration.

Track student and family sacraments.

Create a searchable electronic database of all your sacramental records. Enter student and family sacrament information including where sacraments occur and who performed them.  Print certificates and notification letters to the church of baptism..

Provide a safe environment for students.

Give parents peace of mind and protect your parish’s sensitive information by ordering background checks and maintaining screening history.

Works with

Know more about the people in your community.

New from ACST

Analytics, Maps, Reports, and More

Run your membership data against different community reports, like demographics, beliefs, religious affiliations, households, population, and more.