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Church Office™

Share this information with others in your parish.

Efficiently manage family and parish information.

PDS Church Office empowers parishes to simplify the tasks associated with the daily management of family and parish information. Manage the myriad of details required to make your church run efficiently so you can effectively deal with the needs of your parish community.

Better manage parishioner information.

PDS Church Offices allows you to track personal and contact information for families, individuals, and personnel. This includes addresses, phone numbers, sacramental details, ministries and talents, and more. Plus, easily compile data on your parishioners for submission to The Official Catholic Directory™.

Communicate throughout the week.

You can send quick emails and texts to families, members, or personnel. PDS Church Office also gives you several family, member, and financial letters and statements, like anniversary, census, and welcome letters. You can print and mail or send via email. Also, track interactions with your members, including emails, letters, phone calls, and visits.

Efficiently manage contributions and pledges.

PDS Church Office manages and maintains all of your contribution information. It keeps you and your members informed of their giving records and histories and can even track progress toward fulfilling pledge campaigns.

Analyze data that matters to your parish.

Dashboards are customizable, statistics-at-a-glance to give you a quick snapshot of your data. You can choose from predefined reports or build your custom reports to dig deeper. Plus, Easy Lists allow you to quickly view information about your members, such as, “Who has a birthday this month?”

Stay connected with your parish family.

Parish life doesn’t happen strictly inside the walls of your church. Give your parishioners ways to connect and contribute to your parish using the Parish Life portal. 

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