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Save money with discounted bulk mailing procedures.

PDS CASS It! provides your office with the tools to CASS certify mailing addresses to meet US Postal requirements for address verification while saving you money and helping take the confusion out of ever-changing requirements for postal rate discounts.

Save money to focus on ministry.

PDS CASS It! helps you qualify for postal discounts and helps reduce the return of costly non-deliverable mail. Discounts include Carrier Route Rates, Bulk Mail, and Automation Rate Mailings.

Meet regulations with your mailings.

In cooperation with the mailing industry, the USPS has developed a process of evaluating address-matching software known as CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) certification. The purpose of CASS certification is to improve the accuracy of 5-digit ZIP Codes continually, ZIP+4 Codes, delivery point codes, and carrier route codes, including the new Enhanced Line of Travel (eLOT) applied to mail. Using PDS CASS It! ensures the accuracy of all ZIP Codes.

Ensure you’re reaching the right destination.

PDS CASS It! includes a process to report addresses to the USPS and help you identify and correct invalid addresses. Reports include Form 3553, which prints all required information for the bulk mailing form, and an Invalid Address List, which lists name, address type, address, error code, and error description to help you identify invalid addresses.

Add on additional services.

Geocoding and NCOA processing are optional services for PDS CASS It! and require additional fees to your monthly subscription. Rates are tiered by the number of addresses processed each month.

  • Geocoding — get the latitude and longitude values as part of the address record while you are CASS certifying addresses. Use this data with your choice of third-party mapping software. 
  • NCOA Processing — Ensure you are compliant with the USPS Move Update requirement with our National Change of Address (NCOA)* processing upgrade. This optional service updates your database with any address changes.

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