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Sacramental Register™

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Quickly locate registry entries and preserve your valuable records.

PDS Sacramental Register provides a searchable electronic database of all your sacramental records, making it easy for you to quickly locate entries in your written registers and helping to preserve your valuable records.

Preserve valuable sacramental records.

PDS Sacramental Register allows you to store and display Baptism, Confirmation, First Communion, Marriage, and Death records in a format similar to your physical registers, reducing unnecessary handling and deterioration of your older physical volumes.

Spend less time searching for records.

PDS Sacramental Register saves time by allowing you to search on a variety of information to quickly find the exact volume and page number of an entry in your physical register. Filtering makes it easier to search on many options including name, sacrament date, birth date, maiden names, and more.

Automatically update your database.

The first time you access PDS Sacramental Registry, it will search for all existing sacrament entries in your PDS Office programs and copy them into the permanent Sacramental Register database. As you enter new sacramental information, the register automatically updates and reflects these changes, saving you time and reducing the chance for errors.

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